7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

Creating regular WordPress backups is the best thing you can do for the security of your website. Backups give you peace of mind and can save you in catastrophic situations, such as when your site is hacked or accidentally blocked.

There are several free and paid WordPress backup plugins and most of them are pretty easy to use. In this article, we will share the 7 best backup plugins for WordPress.

Important: While many WordPress hosting providers offer limited backup services, we always advise our users not to rely solely on them. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to keep regular backups of your website.

If you’re not backing up your WordPress website yet, you should pick one of these 7 best WordPress backup plugins and start using it right away.

1- UpdraftPlus

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

UpdraftPlus is the most popular free WordPress backup plugin available on the internet. It is used by more than 2 million websites.

UpdraftPlus allows you to create a full backup of your WordPress site and store it in the cloud or download it to your computer.

The plugin supports scheduled backups as well as on-demand backups. You also have the option of choosing which files you want to back up.

You can automatically upload your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email, and various other cloud storage services (see our step-by-step guide on how to backup and restore your site WordPress with UpdraftPlus).

In addition to backing up each WordPress website, UpdraftPlus also allows you to easily restore backups directly from your WordPress admin panel.

UpdraftPlus also has a premium version with plugins for migrating or cloning websites, searching and replacing databases, multi-site support and various other features. The premium version also gives you access to priority support.

Price: Free (UpdraftPremium Personal for $ 70)

Review: UpdratPlus is the most loved WordPress backup plugin on the market. It has more than 2 million active installations and 4.9 of an average of 5 stars. While the free version has many features, we recommend upgrading to UpdraftPlus premium to unlock all of the powerful backup features.

2- VaultPress (Jetpack Backups)

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

At WebLogLink, we use VaultPress to back up our website. VaultPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) and his team at Automattic.

Although it started as a standalone plugin, VaultPress is now part of another Automattic product called JetPack. You will need a JetPack subscription plan to use VaultPress. There are multiple pricing plans with different sets of features.

The VaultPress plugin offers a real-time automated cloud backup solution starting at $ 3.50 per month. You can easily set up VaultPress backups and restore them in a few clicks.

Jetpack’s superior plans also offer security scans and several other powerful features.

There are some downsides to using VaultPress.

First, it’s a recurring expense that can add up if you have multiple WordPress sites because you pay per site.

Second, you’ll need to subscribe to JetPack, get a WordPress.com account, and install the Jetpack plugin on your site.

Lastly, backups are stored for just 30 days on lower plans. If you want an unlimited backup file, then you will have to pay the $ 29 per month per website, which is significantly more expensive for beginners compared to other solutions listed here.

We are still using VaultPress because we got the right to its previous price, which was much more favorable.

Even at the highest price, VaultPress is totally worth it due to Automattic’s stellar reputation.

Prices: starting at $ 39 per year for the Personal JetPack plan

Review: VaultPress as part of the popular JetPack plugin offers good value for money. If you are already using JetPack for other functions like JetPack CDN for photos, social media promotion etc., then it is an easy option for you.

3- BackupBuddy

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

BackupBuddy is one of the most popular premium WordPress backup plugins used by over half a million WordPress sites. Allows you to easily schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

With BackupBuddy, you can automatically store your backups in cloud storage services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash (your cloud service), and even email them to you.

If you use your Stash service, you also have the ability to back up in real time.

The biggest advantage to using BackupBuddy is that it is not a subscription-based service, so there is no monthly fee. You can use the plugin on the number of websites mentioned in your plan.

You also have access to premium support forums, regular updates, and 1GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage to store your backups. Also, its iThemes Sync feature allows you to manage up to 10 WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

You can even use BackupBuddy to duplicate, migrate, and restore websites.

Price: $ 52 for the Blogger plan (1 site license)

Review: BackupBuddy is a cost-effective premium WordPress backup solution for you. It has a full set of features that you will need to backup, restore and move a WordPress site. Simply put, it’s a powerful UpdraftPlus and VaultPress alternative that you can use.

4- BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid Backup is an automated WordPress backup solution by BoldGrid, which is a WordPress powered website builder.

It allows you to easily create backups of your website, restore your site after it crashes, and you can even use it to move your site when switching hosts. You can set up automatic backups or create backups manually with a single click.

BoldGrid Backup comes with an automatic fault protection feature that automatically creates a backup of your site before it is updated. If an update fails, it automatically reverts your WordPress site to the latest backup. It is a great feature that protects you against update errors.

With BoldGrid Backup, you can store up to 10 backup files on your dashboard and more in remote storage locations like Amazon S3, FTP, or SFTP.

Price: $ 60 per year (includes all BoldGrid Premium tools and services)

Review: BoldGrid Backup is a simple WordPress backup plugin that you can use to create backups of your website. The advantage of using this plugin is the set of other powerful tools that you will get with the purchase of this plugin.

5- BlogVault

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

BlogVault is another popular WordPress backup service for WordPress. It is a software as a service (SaaS) solution rather than just a WordPress plugin. It creates offsite backups independently on BlogVault’s servers, so there will be zero load on your server.

BlogVault creates automatic backups of your website on a daily basis and also allows you to manually create unlimited on-demand backups. It has smart incremental backups that sync only incremental changes for minimal server load. This guarantees optimal performance for your site.

In addition to backups, it helps you to recover your website easily. You can store the 90 day backup file, so you can recover your site from any mishaps.

It also has a built-in site preparation feature that lets you easily test your website. Furthermore, it provides an easy option to migrate your website to another host.

BlogVault’s features look promising, however the price seems a bit expensive compared to other previous plugins. You will need to pay $ 89 for the basic plan that offers a 1 site license.

Price: $ 89 per year for personal plan (1 site license)

Review: BlogVault is an easy to use WordPress backup solution. It creates external backups, so your website’s server will not load with your backups. The price seems a little high for small businesses.

6- BackWPup

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

BackWPup is a free plugin that allows you to create full WordPress backups for free and store it in the cloud (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, etc.), FTP, email or on your computer.

It is extremely easy to use and allows you to schedule automatic backups according to the refresh rate of your site.

Restoring a WordPress site from backup is also very simple. The BackWPup Pro version comes with priority support, the ability to store backups on Google Drive and some other cool features.

Prices: Free (Premium plan is also available)

Review: Used by over 600,000 websites, BackWPup is a great alternative to other backup plugins on the list. The premium version of the plugin adds more powerful features including quick and easy website restoration from the backend with a separate app.

7- Duplicator

7 best WordPress backup plugins compared (Free & Paid)

As the name suggests, Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin that is used to migrate WordPress sites. However, it also has backup features.

It doesn’t allow you to create automated scheduled backups, making it a less-than-ideal primary WordPress backup solution for a regularly maintained site.

Price: free

Review: Duplicator allows you to easily create manual backups of your WordPress site. If your web host creates regular backups, you can use this plugin to create backups for use in the staging environment. It is an excellent site migration plugin.

Final thoughts
Every WordPress backup plugin in our list has its pros and cons, but they all offer a full WordPress file backup as well as full database backup features.

We use VaultPress for two main reasons. It is extremely easy to use and offers incremental backups in real time.

What this means is that instead of backing up all of your files every day or every hour, it only creates a backup of what has been updated literally within minutes of the update. This is ideal for a large website like ours because it allows us to use the resources of our server efficiently.

However, if you run a small to medium sized website and hate paying monthly fees, we recommend the popular UpdraftPlus plugin. It comes with all the powerful features like backup encryption, encrypted backup transport, and tons of cloud storage options.

Regardless of the WordPress backup plugin you choose, DO NOT store your backups on the same server as your website.

By doing so, you are putting all your eggs in one basket. If your server hardware crashes or, worse, is hacked, then you don’t have a backup that defeats the purpose of setting up regular backups.

That’s why we recommend storing your backups on a third-party storage service like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc.

That’s it. We hope this list has helped you choose the best WordPress backup plugin for your site.

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