Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

Do you have a video blogger or you are a person who often makes videos? Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

If your answer is yes, then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

The possibility that what you use for YouTube to upload your videos. YouTube undoubtedly manages Videos to complete the king, then whenever you have any video production, you should be looking to upload elsewhere for your videos even apart from YouTube.

By upload to other sites to your videos, it simply does not have the visibility increase, but it would be to your branding or to represent the brand also help even more in its branding.

In this post, I’m going to share the sites that work something like YouTube with you where you can upload any kind of original videos. I need to do your video promotion recommend putting under the strategy and that too when getting cheaper nowadays internet bandwidth. This will help you get more fruit for your video content.

You can also upload the videos were create its already on these sites to increase their online presence and more.

The important thing to do: Have ready your video titles and descriptions. I’ll keep handy on them often Evernote and whenever I upload the videos I quickly take them to copy/paste.

Besides another thing that should you (if you are not yet), it is, to add intro and outro in each video. You can also create professional intro/outro in $ 5- $ 15 to use a site like Fiverr.

Now I think you and I the other to Upload Videos like YouTube so on the same page, let’s move forward and know Sites. You can alternative values to YouTube videos upload to these sites. Yet it to any site was not so great as that YouTube video discovery and promotion of. I suggest you use some sites from all of these sites or above, as well as YouTube, so you can get more than the fruits of their hard work.

Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

Facebook Page and Profile

Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

Once you should upload your video to give you upload to YouTube for your video, Facebook is the next place.

  • Allowed Size: 4 GB Max
  • Time Length: 120 minutes max ( source )
  • Allowed size exception: Lk75gb
  • Caption text length: Max 2200 characters

If your video makes it longer, you can also upload and split into use 2-3 parts. Yet I think most people do upload the videos at 120 minutes is.

A tool called, TubeBuddy which may also upload to your YouTube videos natively on your Facebook Page K It saves you a lot of time.

Twitter Video

Twitter is a popular social networking site that which video sharing support.

You can make a new video record or upload it to your existing video Twitter. You can upload the videos to use the remain’s official Twitter app for the iPhone and Android. You also videos and use the website of Twitter can easily upload.

  1. Max Video Length: 2 minutes 20 seconds
  2. Supported format on mobile apps: MP4 and MOV
  3. Supported formats on the website: MP4 video format with H264 format
  4. The upload size limit on the website: 512 MB

If your video allowed time 2 minutes 20 seconds is more than you can always trim easily with the help of the app to your video before you are able to upload it.

Instagram Videos

Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

You can also upload your videos on Instagram, the length of the opposite, video from other websites is significantly reduced. You can upload as many videos of 60 seconds.

So you can create a video teaser for the main video and then can upload it to use Instagram. You can put a link to the full video in the description and recommend to see the full video by him click your users. Gets long Thora work in but you get the fruit as a high-quality promotion.

  • Max allowed length: 60 seconds
  • Upload using the mobile app only

Another advantage is that you can take it to Instagram you can use for Therefore Live Videos and Stories feature of this work. You are doing can deliver the message of your video to more people and more traffic drives on your YouTube channel.


Vimeo is a Free Video Hosting site.

They have both Free and paid plans. Generally, I do prefer to upload their videos on Brands Vimeo.

Vimeo to start to use, you have a free account will create, which is 500 MB per week upload space provides with it. Yet strict rules about their commercial videos that you go on to read.

For a blogger, independent for the production company, author, artist or none to use the free plan for a non-profit problem of any kind.

An interesting thing about it is that you can upload to directly, DropBox, use by directly videos to Google Drive, One Drive & Box on Vimeo K I personally dropbox feature for videos uploaded to Vimeo looks good.


Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor?

DailyMotion is an old video sharing site that offers us free permission to videos upload.

  • Maximum file size: 2 GB
  • Maximum video duration: 60 minutes

Some technical specs on Litye here Dailymotion are also given.

Dailymotion or Vimeo also allow video embedding, so this is a great alternative to YouTube to host videos. Here you can see the example of one of our videos on Dailymotion.

Here’s another interesting thing about Dailymotion that you can monetize the videos like this YouTube K It is expected that you have become a great option to monetize your videos.

I tend to think less of views on Dailymotion, yes, if you have affordable internet bandwidth is in a country where it does not raise any of the videos uploaded on Dailymotion.

On some sites where you can upload the videos:

Best YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 Biggest Competitor? Do you have YouTube Like Videos Upload to something other Sites know? Please come share the comments with us.

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