Blogspot or WordPress, Which platform do you choose?

Blogspot or WordPress, Which platform do you choose?

We have many options for blogging when choosing from WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr and more.

What is also good for blogging is also a very popular topic. WordPress or Blogger Frequently Answers This question is confusing. Because more people like less because of less technology in the blogosphere. As well as WordPress’s enhanced features and more power. When someone asks me what platform I look good, my answer is:

My recommendation is that the blogger has always been started for a month. And once you have to host your new WordPress WordPress platform blog once you understand blogging and go with it. You can use Blogger as it can not be long enough to free you.

I can say this because Blogger started my blogging and then went to Hard work has been done to learn or learn first, now it is easy to help with the learning process of WordPress.

In this article, I will share a quick comparison of WordPress and Blogspot with you and tell you which platform you want to use.

WordPress or Blogspot: Which platform should you choose?

Blogspot or WordPress, Which platform do you choose?

Blogspot: Why and Why not?

Blogger or Blogspot Platform is ideal for sharing your thoughts only when you want to start a blog.

When you are not blogging for money or you are not sure that there is no need to have technical knowledge in a platform, BlogSpot is really cool.

Effectiveness of SEO benefits due to many limitations in BlogSpot. But if you have total expenditure, then you can make a good selection of Blogspot for 0 platforms.

At the same time, if you have money, fame or blogging for branding. Then Blogspot is not an ideal choice. This means that there is limited control over the visibility of your search engine. Only after some limited things you need to add some features.

I have read many times on Blogger Google’s platform, SEO has more benefits in it, but it’s a pure touch. It does not matter which platform you are on, even if it’s a blogger on WordPress. There’s a platform, you’re also depending on how your site is configured to configure a search engine. We have a blogger platform that has added SEO benefits without limited control and still lacking SEO optimization for the Blogger platform.

In essence, if you have a blog for your passion, the amazing Blogger Platform is the WordPress platform. And you are satisfied with the limited features through the Blogger platform.

WordPress and why not?

As a blogging platform, OutLetCoach uses WordPress only, but my rationale has no bias (discrimination). WordPress gives you complete control over your blog and technically you can do whatever you want. You can get complete control over SEO, you can host your own files, you can add an SEO plug-in, which can create your blog for SEO friendly. More than that, you always have the latest SEO techniques that can star rating, authorship without sweating.

WordPress gives you the freedom to do everything you want, but Sam needs to manage your blog. You need to install WordPress on your server and maintain the blog. With the support of WordPress Community, this work may seem to be technical to learn the applicable time except for everything.

If you are a blog they would make money if they think they should be popular. You must host the WordPress blog yourself. BlogSpot is the best choice for you if you are an author or blogger at times.

Blogger gives you more power for WordPress users at Nandre and it’s best to customize it as you like.

If you have both default installations of SEO The default installation of WordPress is not SEO friendly, you can create friendly SEO using the plugin.


If you want a simple blog and want to do business blogging, WordPress is amazing, wants to create a blog that wants to earn money from your blog on the Blogger platform. If you enjoy my post please share it. Join us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get access to us.

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