How to Buy a New Computer or Laptop?

How to Buy a New Computer or Laptop?

What precautions should be taken before buying a computer? How does a new computer come in? How much is the cost of desktops and laptops? Which of these should buy? Have people got answers to those questions that have bought new questions? How to Buy a New Computer or Laptop?

Therefore, to solve this problem, we have prepared a complete guide to buy new computers. It is easy to buy and you can buy we have the following sections.

Which two desktops and laptops should buy and which one is better?

Buy a desktop computer or buy a laptop? These questions are always surrounded, but the answer is very simple because it depends on your needs and work. Let’s know

If you want to work at home and your work can be done at home, you should feel free to buy a desktop computer. Because they are found in excellent quality and specifications. And the display size is too big to easily complete gaming and video requirements

And if you want a portable device then you can go anywhere with you. You can buy a laptop through your computer which includes all computer equipment. And you do not have to worry about weight and electricity

All the availability of the laptop is built-in, so it can not be upgraded and its maintenance is expensive. But desktop computers are integrated so that they can be easily upgraded and its maintenance and repair are very cheap.

Things to keep in mind

Therefore, we must pay attention to these devices before buying them. Some things to keep in mind. How to Buy a New Computer or Laptop?

1. Monitor

The monitor is also called a simple language display. At all, the computer shows all the results. And our photos, videos etc. Also appear on top. Do not forget about the monitor Prioritize your needs while buying a monitor You can take care of the following when buying a monitor.

Size – The size of the display should be at least 20 inches. Due to the large size, we get good quality

Resolution – The larger the display size, and you will be able to watch HD photos, videos.

LCD and LED – Nowadays LCD and LED monitors are only running. So two of these can buy you do not buy CRT monitors

Input / Output Port – Also, see how many ports they provide when buying monitors.

For more information about monitors, you can read below.

Computer Monitor Full Information

The price and specifications of computer monitors online.


The processor is also known as the CPU. The CPU is called a computer’s brain. It processes all input alerts and returns the result. The sooner the computer will work on it as soon as the processor. Therefore, choose the processor wisely and remember the following things.

Frequency – is measured in GHz. 1 GHz, 3 GHz etc. The frequency is as fast as possible

Core – Many courts are fast speeds and multiple processing dual-core, like quad-core

Cache Memory – Also remember it.

Brand – Like to buy a good brand processor; Intel

For more information regarding processor and CPU, you can read below.

The whole information about the processor and the CPU

Check the CPU’s pricing and specifications online.

3. RAM / Memory

Ram also called primary memory. And this is an important part of the computer. Besides this, the computer can not do its work. So choose the right ram. The higher the computer, the better the performance of the computer is. And stay away from Hanging.

For more information regarding RAM, you can read below.

Computer memory and complete information about RAM

Check Ram Price and Specifications online.

4. Hard disk drive and HDD

Space is required to place documents, photos, videos, songs, movies etc. on the computer. And this space is available as a Hard gesture on the computer. It is also called storage. The more storage capacity you can have, you can keep more data on your computer.

You can buy HDD as per your requirement when purchasing a hard disk. You must buy at least 250 GB of hard disk. In addition, you can also buy 500 GB, 1 TB.

For more information regarding hard disk, you can read below.

The complete collection of computer storage / hard disk

Check price and specification for hard disk online.

5. Operating system

The operating system is also called small in OS OS. The computer requires an operating system. Because all the software works above and it handles and coordinates hardware and software. All operating systems like Android, Windows, Apple OS, etc. are named.

Today the Windows operating system is available in the market of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, Apple OS X etc. So you should buy the current version according to your need. Because you and your computer are operating according to the operating system.

6. Other tools

The above tools are provided in the information. They determine the performance and efficiency of the computer. That is why they should be carefully and wisely selected. But besides this, some other computer devices are needed for the computer.

1. Keyboard

2. Mouse

3. President

4. UPS

5. Printers

6. DVD Writer

7. Additional graphics card

Our opinion

Buying a new thing is always a dilemma. So there is a problem in the elections. Here we are giving your opinion about the desktop computer. Because the laptop has everything included. It is very difficult to make changes.

A common user who runs games, movies, videos, internet surfing etc. on his computer. Like to work like this. For that, the computer with the following specifications is right.

Budget – 12000 – 20,000

Processor – i3

Ram – 4 GB

Storage – 500 GB

Monitor – 18 inch – 24 inch LCD / LED

OS – Windows 7 or Windows 10

Others – DVD Writer, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, UPS etc.

What have you learned?

In this lesson, we have told you some important things to remember when buying a new computer. We hope you have the ability to buy new computers in Hindi and you will be able to buy a good and cheap computer for yourself. If you have some confusion about buying a computer, you can tell us through our comments.

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