Buying a New Hard Drive? Things You Must Know

Do you want to upgrade your PC in this new year or your PC is full of videos and photos, so you are thinking of upgrading your hard disk. Or you might want to replace your existing mechanical hard disk with an SSD drive. Buying a New Hard Drive? Things You Must Know…

So which hard disk would you want to buy now? How much capacity do you need to drive? 500GB, 1TB or 2TB? But with one more important question you should ask yourself or any IT expert that you should buy a hard drive for the manufacturer.

Today there are several brands of hard drives available in the Indian market including WD (Western Digital), Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend. Now the question comes which manufacturers of drives are most reliable, and which models are worth spending a little more money?

Buying a New Hard Drive? Things You Must Know

How long does the hard drive last?

Despite the fact that we know the hard drive for computers and information storage, we do not have a solid time limit for how long a hard drive can be run.

Even so, you have heard such hard drives that some of them have failed the first day, while others are still running after 10 years.

The failure of the hard drive is unpredictable, so answering the question that what hard drives can afford for a long time, is very difficult. No! To some extent not!

Ultimately, this is about reliability with the hard disk. And if you want to find out about reliability, then you need to talk to an expert who uses a special drive for a while and you should ask him if he is still working properly. Even better, you need to see the statistic of an organization, which has around 106,919 drives, from where you can find out which of their drivers are still working and how many breaks have been done.


Backblaze is the only website to see this statistic in today’s date, where you will find the rate of failure of almost all types of brand and size hard drive.

Although Backblaze is an online backup company, it tracks every hard drive available to them every year and releases a data set of it.

Backbase has tracked 106,919 hard drives for its long time by 2018. Whenever a hard drive fails, they change it and keep track of it when a particular hard drive clears the dust.

Backblaze: Buying a New Hard Drive? Things You Must Know

Backblaze has released its data set for the full year 2018 and this time there are some surprises. The hard drive failure rate of the annual failure of the drive has declined sharply as compared to previous years because the low capacity HDD has been replaced by high capacity.

Look closely at all details given on this link, before you even think of buying a new disk (spinning or SSD).

The complete data set used to create the information used in this review is available on the Backblaze Hard Drive Test Data page. You can download and use this data for free for your own purpose.

By December 31, 2018, Backblaze had 106,919 spinning hard drives. In it, there were 1,965 boot drives and 104,954 data drives. This review reflects the failure rate of the hard drive for the data drive model being operated in the Backblaze data center.

And, now you should look at this report and choose the hard drive for yourself so that you do not rely on your destiny.

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