How To Safely Change Permalinks Without Breaking Site

WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management Site). These we all know because we can create blogs and websites with its help we can customize to any extent. How To Safely Change Permalinks Without Breaking Site?

About WordPress, Another great thing is that very easy to use and only works for a few hours with it you can learn to use it well. Additionally for WordPress will receive millions of tutorials on the internet, which will help you much.

We are able to understand the already lots of tutorials every single aspect of being with you so you WordPress About WordPress on his blog to create a great blog or website.

How to Safely Change Permalink Structure?

If you will follow to the articles above, you will be able to set up in WordPress blog within minutes of one of your own. Learning that a WordPress what you think and that is Search Engine Optimization. The reason is that anyone can learn SEO only assist when he will implement it themselves.

How To Safely Change Permalinks Without Breaking Site

In this article, I can talk about an important SEO aspect of WordPress and tell you that you lose your traffic without WordPress how your permalink structure changes.

Why WordPress Permalinks and how to change?

Before I do my tutorial start, I recommend reading the post below you.

This post will help you understand what permalink structure is best and SEO friendly.

Now if you’ve created a new blog, and you have to change the permalink structure you create a new blog you are on the right track. On many Nyen bloggers make your new blog time permalink structure will not change. Many of them do realize this thing is put default permalink and after that will they change the permalink structure.

Now when you change the Permalinks after you publish some blog posts on your blog, it will be your blog broken that it consists of chance. These mean on the Broken that will take several pages to errors show and you will lose link juice.

This guide can I’ll share it with you how your permalinks damage without your traffic and link juice change.

So now I’m it takes to assume, who have a blog with a few blog posts published, and now you’re trying to permalinks change.

In most cases, it takes place automatically handle the WordPress redirection and you do not need to worry about anything. You go into what happens Settings> Permalinks need to do and they take to choose permalink structure that you want to keep. I always recommend structuring use permalink /% postname%, such that we also mention in the article given above.

How To Safely Change Permalinks Without Breaking Site

Once you have to change the permalinks, take up any of your old permalink open and re-check form that you can redirect your corresponding new permalink or not. If yes, then congratulations, you do not need to do anything now, if not proceed in it.

Many times what happens is that it takes the old Permalinks 404 Error Show K You in such cases is to check the file for your .htaccess. You have to change the 777 permission to file your .htaccess and then explained the above process repeat form. By doing so, your problem should go away. When you have to change the Day and Name permalink% postname% permalink than can the code use the file .htaccess are, WordPress with default .htaccess code. This paved with also feel that your .htaccess file has lines below.

Htaccess Files

1. Begin WordPress

2. RewriteEngine On

3. Hriawritebse /

4. RewriteRule ^ index \ Kfp $ – [G]

5. Hriawritecond% {Rikvest_FILENAME}! -Fa

6. Hriawritecond% {Rikvest_FILENAME}! -D

7. Hriawritehriule. /Indekskfp [G]

8. And WordPress

If you have any internal links to your blog posts before, you can use these plugin named Broken Link Checker plugin can also install and can update quickly on new and old URLs to use its redirection module. If you are familiar with WordPress, you will not have any problem to follow this method. If you are not familiar, you can tell me through the comments and I’ll do it for you.

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