Complete information on creating a New Page on Blogspot

Complete information on creating a New Page on Blogspot1

Create a new blog and publish a new blog as well as publish a new post. And you can publish blogs with less changing information to your readers. Complete information on creating a New Page on Blogspot.

In this tutorial, we will give you a complete overview of the blog to publish new information. Do you know how the blogger writes a new page for the blog? And How To Publish New Pages On The Blogger Blog?

What is a Blog Page?

The question is whether Analysis is a man in. What is a blog page? Complete information on creating a New Page on Blogspot.

The blog page is definitely like a blog post. But a blog page is mostly static content for publishing very little information.

Blog’s Guides, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us etc. Information readers are not published through the blog page. Because such instructions are very updated. You can be prepared every year’s page about 2019, about us 2020.

As such, information about the blog’s terms, rules, legal documents, etc. can change. But their changes are much less and blog readers need to notify. Blog pages are created for this type of information.

Step by step to create a new page on the Blogger blog

Publishing a new page is a simple blogger blog. Because its page editor’s interface is a friendly user-friendly. And even with the Blogger post editor is the same. It’s also easier to use a new blogger.

If you still have any doubts about Blogger Page Editor, you can read our Blogger Post Editor tutorial for more information about this. And you can publish a new page to your blog as described below.

Step: 1

Go to Log in to Google Accounts. You use your Gmail ID and password to log in. And using the same account, you sing the blog on the song.

Step: 2

Complete information on creating a New Page on  Blogspot

Blogger Dashboard will open after logging in to Blogger. From here you select your blog by following the blog list with the down arrow. So you want to update the Blogger blog. If you have more than one blog nearby If you do not have a blog, then stop it.

Step: 3

Select Blog then your blog will open a specific dashboard. From here on, click on the pages from the Blogger menu on the external side.

Step: 4

Your Blogger Blog Pages menu will now open. And here’s the pan page created. From here click on the button you created on the new page.

Step: 5

Complete information on creating a New Page on  Blogspot

After doing this, your page render will open. You can type in your page content or paste it with Ctrl + V. Publish the page after publishing the page and then clicking Publish button on the right.

As you publish it will be available to readers on your published page on the blog. Now you can add this page to your blog anywhere. And if you want, add the blog menu as well.

The way to see the Blogger Page Preview

Step  1

To preview the first-page preview, click the Publish button available preview button.

Step:  2

In doing so, the page will open in the new tab. Try to find out which of your mistakes and your no mistakes. If you have made a mistake, be sure to note it. And get into Editor to fix all the mistakes, publish the page.

Complete information on creating a New Page on  Blogspot

Work news: Publish page and publish again Publish page preview.

Save page draft

Step  1

The first page you want to save. Write him in the page editor.

Step:  2

After publishing the page, do not publish the page and click on the button created on the right side to click on it. Save Page Draft. Your page has now been saved to Blogger. You can edit, delete, publish anytime.

Full info on blog page settings

Many more settings are available for Blogger New Page. Through which we can make blog pages more attractive and SEO friendly. And HTML display, comment and refuse etc. About all the page setting we have to say below.

Readers comments

Composition mode

Line breaks

1. Allow readers on a blog page 

If you want readers to think on your pages, you can comment on them as well, and if you do not comment on readers on pages, then reject them here.

2. Composition mode 

This setting is for your page editor. When you type a compose mode it automatically changes to HTML. If you want to, what you’re typing is changing to HTML, then you can define the HTML type that you typed in this setting. Otherwise, you can show it HTML literally.

3. Line Break Settings on Blog Page

When you are writing the content of the page, after the completion of a line, after the completion of the paragraph, we have to give a line break. And this line break we are present in most keyboards ↵ key presses.

This page is selected by the tag in the blogger’s page editor. For which we can break the line by pressing Enter for the line break and pressing Enter.

What did you learn?

In this tutorial, Complete information on creating a New Page on Blogspot. We have provided complete information about creating and publishing a new page on the Blogger blog. Do you know how to write a new page and publish a new page? Besides, you also need to know about blog page settings. We hope this tutorial will be useful to you.

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