What is a computer virus and how can it be safe?

What is a computer virus and how can it be safe? The fear of fear begins when we hear the name of the virus. Because the virus is a dangerous and scary creature. And its nature, we have to harm humans.

You must have heard of the virus sometimes or sometimes. Many times news channels, TVs, radios, online videos, etc. have also heard and seen the news about the damage caused by virus attacks or viruses.

Today, the trend of the computer has become normal and most of the work has started to be seen by electronic smart devices. Due to the extreme dependence of the gadget, where we have accessibility On the other hand, the threat is increasing day by day.

One such threat is the computer virus.

The computer virus has become a serious threat in the digital world. Because of this, any computer user needs to know what is a virus. How does the virus get access to any device to damage that device? And how can we avoid this computer virus?

What is a computer virus and how can it be safe?

What is a computer virus and how can it be safe?

Speaking of the definition of a computer virus, “Virus” is a type of electronic code. The code that is used to get the corrupt information present on the computer.

VIRUS flower form is the Vital Information Resources Code. This is a subtle computer program. Those who enter any computer, interfere with the functioning of that device. This is an Auto-Exchange program.

Generally, computer viruses slow down hard disk speed by reaching the hard disk’s boot sector. This may cause computer programs to shut down or work-pages may be jammed.

A computer virus gradually damages the device by spreading the device’s memory. Because of which once the virus spreads it becomes difficult to recover the lost data.

Now the question is how do computer viruses work?

If you understand with the help of an example, you have to type the letters in the computer with the help of a keyboard to create documents through the application of MS Word, Spreadsheet Program, Presentation Program, etc. And they have to print prints to print. That means this application works on the commands given by us to the computer.

But there is a clock on the other side, whose work time is to be displayed. But we do not need any command or program to run it. And it works 24 hours on our computer. Because of which we do not need to set the time again and again.

What is a computer virus and how can it be safe?

Programming in Computer Clock is done in such a way that these programs do their work without having to install or open. Such programs can be called by Default Programs. In the same way, like in the Basic program, there are such types of viruses in the virus that can be shut down our computer, delete the files, and lock the computer, slip the data speed of the computer, files automatically Transfer from place to place, etc. Other commands are programmed within the computer virus. Thereby causing a lot of damage to the computer.

Who makes a computer virus?

Simply put, these are the people who are privileged to computer programming. That is, they are experts in computer programming but in this world connected with technology, crime, spreading fear, or causing harm to others, this computer creates a virus. These people can also be called hackers.

How do computer viruses reach our computers and devices?

Today the whole world is connected to the world because of the Internet. The Internet is also a network. And the computer reaches the virus in the computer.

When a user browses the Internet on a computer. Virus clicks on an unknown website or link, then the virus reaches the device too. Apart from this, in an offline way, computer viruses can spread from one computer to another with the help of CD’s, floppy disks and pen-drive, etc.

Although the use of floppy disks or floppy drives is reduced in the present time. But pen drive is used for many tasks like Windows Installation, File Transfer, Storage Devices etc. Using the Pen Drive, the virus can easily access one device from one device to other.

If for some reason the virus enters a Pen Drive and in the future if we transfer that pen drive to any computer device, mobile (via OTG Cable), then transfer the file to other viruses. Increases.

Downloading software through the Internet, downloading programs, watching porn movies on porn site, visiting unknown links, email attachments, engaging viruses, viruses can be installed by entering our device. And like in the termites, inside the device memory can store data in the inside.

Some popular computer virus names

What is a computer virus and how can it be safe?

Mac mag

As the name implies, it works for the Mac system. This Apple Macintosh used to work for computers. It usually ended with giving a message of peace. This virus was invented by Richard Brands in 1988 and at that time he was working as an editor and publisher in Mac Mag Computer Magazine. It was a boot sector virus that spreads to the hyper-stack “Apple’s new product”.

Jerusalem virus

The Jerusalem Virus was identified in October 1987. It was a Dos virus. It was first found in a University of Jerusalem, because of which it was named Jerusalem Virus.

Michael Angelo

This virus was first seen in Australia on February 4, 1991. This virus was designed to ruin the dosage system. Like all boot sector viruses, Micro Angelo virus was operated at BIOS level.

It was also different because of other viruses because it was the most discussed virus in the history of computer viruses. This virus eliminates data on March 6, which is the “birth date” of Michael Angelo Virus. But later to destroy such a virus, antivirus was created which would thus be able to eliminate the virus.

Sea Bran

This computer virus was first seen in January 1988. It was considered the world’s first MS-DOS computer virus. And it was built by two people named by two Pakistani brothers Amjad and Basit. Who were residing in Lahore at the time. It was a boot sector virus that damaged many computers.

How to Keep Computer Safely from Computer Virus?

The best way to stay safe from a computer virus is to use anti-virus programs. By adopting some digital behaviors and interacting with the devices.

There are many types of anti-virus available today in the market. We can keep our computers safe by spending a certain amount of money annually or installing it for free. However, a Paid Antivirus is more secure and better than free antivirus. Those you can also buy online, because Paid Antivirus is skilled in keeping the computer completely secure. The names of some main antivirus are given below.

Note: – All these antivirus are available in both free and paid categories, and all these main antivirus are used by the users to keep the computer safe throughout the world.

How does Antivirus work?

Primarily all viruses enter the computer from unknown sources. Antivirus program is programmed in such away. After installing it in the computer, it monitors all the unknown websites, applications, etc. and prevents any unknown file or the program from being installed on the computer.

If your computer also has an antivirus, you probably have noticed that your computer has some of your essential files. But the files are automatically deleted from the computer. Actually, that file is available in unknown sources. So for the security of the system, Antivirus automatically deletes those files. In most cases, such cases come in free antivirus.

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