How to create your own blog on Blogger?

Blogging on is very easy. You can create your own website by following the steps in a few simple steps. And in this tutorial, how to create blogs free at How to create your own blog on Blogger?

All the information about creating a free blog on

How to create your own blog on Blogger?

Follow Step

1. Step: Go to

2. Step: Click on Create a blog.

3. Step: Sign in with the Google Account.

4. Step: Write a blog title.

5. Step: Write a blog name and write a description

6. Step: Click on and ready blog.

7. Step:   View Blog View Blog Your blog has been created.

Step: 1

First, go to Blogger’s official website. To go to Blogger’s website, type in the browser’s address bar. Or you can also go to Blogger by clicking on the button below.

Step: 2

By doing so, you will be able to access Blogger’s home page and open the homepage. From here you click on your blog

Step: 3

A. Now you know where to sign in. You can use a Google account for that. And sign in with your e-mail address and password. To sign in, you do the next 4 things.

B. First, write down the Google Account you want to sign in with. Such as [email protected]

C. Next typing Gmail ID, click the Next button next to it.

Another page will open in front of you now that you’ve written the first Google account password. After typing a password, click on next to sign in.

Step: 4

Next, the password has been entered, you will sign in with the following. And the form will open for you to create a website. You must fill in the following four details.

How to create your own blog on Blogger?

1. Title – You need to write the name of your free website first in the title area. The name you want to keep. Write my blog here or your favorite name here.

2. Address – After that, in the address field you have to select the URL of the website. This URL will be your website’s real name, and it will recognize Google or other search engines. This type of my can be.

3. Themes – Choose one of the best themes available for your free website. Themes affect the appearance of your website. So choose a great theme for your website.

4. Create a blog – When you do all three of the above activities and rebuild it will create a blog! Make your website by clicking

Step: 5

Congratulations! Your free website has been created. If you do not believe you can visit your website. Click on View Blog in the upper right corner for this. And your website opens in front of you.

What have you learned?

In this tutorial, we have provided full information about how to create a blog on Blogger. You know how to build a blog through step-by-step. We hope this tutorial will be useful to you.

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