How to Earn Extra Money: easy ways to make money

Want to make some money? We’ve chosen the easiest ways to earn extra money in your spare time – whether it’s at home, online or simply running out of it.

There are many quick and easy ways to make money without selling a house. Take a look at our collective review of the best tips for earning more money.

Some can be done at home, some online and some out and about.

Choose the monetization tips that are right for you!

Use a refund website

Whenever you shop online, you always have to buy through a refund website like Quidco or TopCashback.

If you buy one of their downloaded links, you’ll get a percentage of what you spend back on your refund. It’s free money!

Read our guide to top income websites for more information on how they work.

Use a refund credit card

Whether you shop online or in person, if you use a refund credit card you will get a percentage of the money you spend on getting back to the bus, hard cash.

American Express offers some of the best refund rates on the market with credit card refunds.

With the Platinum Cashback Daily Credit Card, you can get 5% off all refunds within the first six months of account opening (limited to up to $ 100 of refund), and no annual fees to worry about.

With refund cards and money-back sites, it’s important to keep in mind that you have paid back the money you have to spend anyway – don’t spend too much on yourself, you just get more money!

Learn more by reading our – How to Protect Your Bank Account from Hacking

Become a mystery shopper

If you like to have a mooch around the shops and eat out, why not get more money as a mystery shop?

Sites like MarketForce will pay you to enter uninterrupted stores and restaurants to gauge the experience, and will pay you for your feedback.

Make money by selling your photos

If you can take a good look at city magazines and landmarks, you can browse them at agencies, including Shutterstock, Alamy and 123RF.

The firms sell your photos and charge you a commission based on what they work for.

Do surveys

How to Earn Extra Money-easy ways to make money

Many web loads provide the opportunity to complete surveys to earn revenue.

Swagbucks is one of the new players in the market and is well worth a look.

YouGov is among the most popular, but it can take years to reach 5,000 points to get a $ 50 payment.

PopulusLive has a few surveys available and the payment is limited to $ 50, but you can get up to £ 1 every 5 minutes doing research, which means you can reach your full price faster than you can on YouGov.

Crowdology has a very small payment limit of £ 4 and it pays with PayPal.

In summary, surveys are a great way to earn a small amount of money when you have the time.

Get active

There are a few apps that will cost you money or give you discounts to stay fit and healthy.

Learn more about reading the challenge of the fitness reward app, where we look at how much we can earn using BetterPoints or Sweatcoin.

Help with odd jobs

If you have time to kill, you can make money by helping others with their odd jobs.

Websites like TaskRabbit allow people in certain cities to list the jobs they need with help such as taking a package or moving a home they are willing to pay for.

To be a helper with any site, you will need to perform a verification process.

After that, you can pick and choose jobs in your area for extra money in your spare time.

For more information, read – What is freelancing? Full Information

Rent your parking space

How to Earn Extra Money-easy ways to make money

Renting your own parking space can be a great way to supplement your income.

For example, if you have a driveway outside of your home that you no longer use, you can rent it with a site like JustPark.

Your space may be in demand if you live near a sports stadium, tourist area, airport or train station.

Rent a room

If you have a living room, taking a bedroom can be a great benefit.

Thanks to the Government’s Rental of the Room program, you can now earn up to $ 7,500 per year in rental income.

That means a lodger that pays up to £ 625 a month won’t cost you money.

Just remember, you will need to talk to your home insurer first.

If you are looking for short term options, it is possible to rent almost any room in your house every week.

Sites like OfficeRider successfully help companies find space in the private spaces for workshops, events and collaborative work, while Kitchen2Rent does what it says on the tin.

Sell ​​your old phone

Sitting on an old mobile phone that you no longer use? Don’t leave it gathering dust behind the cupboard, spit it online!

You can sell yourself on a site like eBay or Gumtree, or use one of the many repetitive sites to see who will pay you most for your old phone.

Just make sure you do some research on what previous users found with their phones.

Unfortunately, there are a number of unreliable sites that promise a big payout, and try to change it shorter once the call is sent.

Sell ​​your old tablet

Most of these sites offer money for older tablets, so if your iPad or Kindle remains unreleased and unused, pay for it too!

Sell ​​your old DVDs

Most sites will pay for your old DVDs, but the prices are usually paltry.

All you have to do is install a barcode from your DVD on sites like MusicMagpie, Zapper and CeX, and the site will give you the price of your DVD.

It is good to compare what you will find on different sites, as prices may vary greatly.

Sell at a car boot sale

You can enjoy a very important return sold for your old pieces and bobs for sale in the boot of a car.

You can find your local sales at

Maybe it’s a good idea to go to retail stores first, get an idea of ​​what the best bags are and take tips on how to criticize what’s best for your sales!

For a good guide on how to do it right, check out Car boot sales: top tips for successful sales.

Direct sales

Alternatively, you can directly try to sell to a company like Avon or Usborne Book.

A good place to find out which companies to look for is the Direct Selling Association.

Make money by searching online

How to Earn Extra Money-easy ways to make money

How often do you think you want something on Google, Amazon, eBay or Yahoo? Most of us search for at least one of these sites regularly.

But thanks to a site called Qmee, you can get paid for this search.

Enter your search name as usual, and the Qmee result will appear next to the normal search results. Click on the Qmee result and you will generate a cash reward.

To find out more, read-10 Profitable Businesses Low Investment And High Profit

Have opinion, will travel…

Sign up for a market research company and you will be invited to participate in all kinds of research projects, with financial incentives.

For example, by signing up for Focus4People, we received invitations to participate in travel research, news, energy and credit, offering up to £ 50 per hour.

The bad thing is that participation may have to go, and Slots are usually during the day.

But if that doesn’t bother you, it’s an easy way to make extra money.

…or just watch the telly

Best of all, why not get paid to watch the bitter? Thanks to you can do a few maths just by having ideas for other TV shows.

This could mean giving feedback on what you watched recently, reviewing a new show before it airs around the country, or helping develop ideas for a new show.

Sell ​​yourself

No, not at all! But if you have a practical skill or two, why not use them?

On, there are thousands of people involved in website design, image editing, writing and social media selling their services on the hour.

If you are an extra help with your hands – maybe a miserable hand with a paintbrush or a bit of carpentry – then why not stick with an ad on a site like Gumtree or your local newsagent?

Play video games

Yes, it is. There are thousands of people streaming their game playing on sites like Twitch, and some are living healthier lives through them.

Start a YouTube channel

Along the same lines, why not start a YouTube channel? Techniques of some channels earn millions a year, and you too can get a piece of the action!

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