Future of Blogging : Is Blogging A Dying Trend

Future of Blogging : Is Blogging A Dying Trend

When blogging first started, it was an opportunity for anyone to say their point because they did not have to worry about all the difficult aspects of setting up a webpage. While there are still some writers and people with strong opinions who use blogs to exercise their freedom of expression, many more have realized the blog’s enormous potential as a chance to earn money online and as a marketing tool. The Future of Blogging: Is Blogging A Dying Trend

The free content you post can carry the paid content you sold. Information marketing in the form of online education is booming. You can convert your content into a membership blog, or structured eCourse.

Themes, Widgets and Plugins

Gone are the days when you have to become an expert coder or website developer to create a professional looking site and add great features to your site that your audience will love. There are widgets on the navigation bar, which can help show all your content and get more readers as they click through your recent articles and categories.

Plugins are small programs that can add functionality to your site such as turning it into an eCommerce store and allowing you to pay for your work.

Marketing tools

The best plugins are those that allow you to market your business with just a few clicks. Other plugins allow you to optimize your content for search engines, and even directly and automatically communicate with them through creating site maps of all your great content. More marketing means more traffic, and more traffic can mean more sales if you are providing the right items to your target audience.

Be mobile friendly

The best thing about a blog is that modern themes are all mobile friendly. The trend is here to stay, so smart business owners need to know that they can service it, and that their website will look good on any size screen.

Multimedia offering

Blogging is no longer just words on the page. It can also be images, video and audio. Written content can be articles, lists, top 5s and more. The important thing is to offer variety so that your readers will keep coming back for more.

Future of Blogging : Is Blogging A Dying Trend

Blogging a dying trend

The answer is definitely no. It is alive and well, but it will keep changing as new users, devices and trends come and go. Keep an eye on those trends and your blog will remain healthy and profitable.

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