Where You Should Host Your Blog Images (Sites Guide)

The images have a major role play on your blog, and excited about it sir has also previously discussed it on WebLogLink. It is a quick recap: Where You Should Host Your Blog Images Sites Guide.

  • Images have become more appealing to see your post.
  • Compared to images of posts without the post, with Images receive more shares.
  • Images, Image helps bring traffic from search engine.

There are also some other reasons about these above three reasons most important. Now the basic question, which we’ll talk that should host where the images of your blog? 

If you are one of those bloggers, to which host your images to:

1. Imgur.

2. Flickr.

3. Dropbox.

4. Photobucket.

or any other site, he read this guide carefully.

Do not Images Why host to 3rd Party Sites?

Where You Should Host Your Blog Images

When you have a blog you are running on your Server ( Self-Hosted WordPress to images host on) or any other platform, other sites is a bad idea. You’re major benefit miss the images and be put in risk the future of your blog.

  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if 3rd Party site and decide to be shut down?
  • And what will happen when they have to delete your account or image any reason?

When you do your images host on your hosting server, you are safe from the risks of the above. Most importantly, you will own the images, and you get SEO benefits because of the images.

BlogSpot for bloggers:

BlogSpot bloggers have little to worry about to host the images that need because your images are host to your linked Picasa account. You can run the same way. My suggestion when you shift to WordPress from BlogSpot to, you also shift its Web-hosting all your images.

Now let me tell you about the solutions to all problems, which you will be in regard to images host on the server.

Bandwidth and Storage issue:

As real fear for the bandwidth issue about did point out, beginning with those bloggers who are on limited bandwidth hosting. If you’re a do host the server, you must host beyond companies to your site such hosting which provides unlimited bandwidth and storage offer. Bluehost, Hostgator is one of those hosting.

Image loading:

If you have an image heavy site, your site’s load time chances of having more. loading time and place to host elsewhere to improve, take advantage of the CDN. You free CDN services such as CloudFlare can use to or as little money filling and a Premium CDN Service MAXCDN can use.

Bonus tips: Image Optimization

When you are an image publish on the web, faster to optimize them for loading is necessary for you. Here are two practices but I suggest you follow.

  • Upload sure to resize the image before: If your post should 650Px image, it is a good idea that you resize them before you upload the image. This way you will have a bigger image not to scale down and your image little remains.
  • Compress image: you ImageOptim for (Mac users), such as the free tool or, WordPress Smushkit Image Plugin can use. To compress the Images have been reducing the quality of the image without the unessential data remove the images.

Many times, it is not bad to host the 3rd party site to your images. Take assume you have an event or 100 high-resolution images click on a travel trip, as they Flickr and Dropbox can host on sites like. You can use to embed such albums in your blog to third-party sites. This exception just for a few cases. Otherwise, I’ll always recommend hosting a server for your images hosting.

Below comment box I must tell of the host you added your Images. Where You Should Host Your Blog Images Sites Guide, to share this guide with your friends.

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