How Do Websites Make Money? The Startup

How Do Websites Make Money?

This is a pretty interesting question, because many people use websites to earn money online and make a living. I have done a detailed research on this and I want to share the results with you, so you can start earning money online with your website right now. How Do Websites Make Money? The Startup

I started my career as an internet entrepreneur four months ago and during this time I found many opportunities to earn money online. I want to list them here to give you a first insight into the possibilities that await you online! Each of these topics is so complex that you could easily write a book about it, so please contact me, I only briefly describe them.

How do websites make money?

… With advertising spaces?

The sale of advertising spaces works in the real world. You see it again and again, regardless of whether it is billboards, advertising pillars or t-shirt advertising. I am sure you can find more examples.

When you ask “How do websites make money?”, You should consider selling advertising space on your site. In my sidebar, I show four squares of 125 px by 125 px with affiliated products. You can sell those advertising spaces to other website owners.

Since your site has a reasonable amount of traffic, you can go to webmasters and offer them advertising space on your blog. Smashing Magazine has published a very valuable article on successful strategies to sell advertising spaces.

You must have between 500 and 1000 unique visitors daily to start selling advertising space. Remember to generate a decent amount of traffic to your advertisers’ sites, so you should not start with less unique visitors.

Finding advertisers is probably easier than you think. Look at your competitors and see who advertises on their pages. Those people may also be interested in advertising on your page. You may also want to take a look at the Google Adwords ads displayed on your page. Google says its page is relevant to the ad, so you can directly contact the companies behind those ads.

You can also join an advertising network, if you don’t want to contact the companies directly.

… with Google Adsense?

There are many websites that use Google Adsense, I am also using it in my blog. But how do websites make money with Google Adsense?

The most important thing to make money through Google Adsense is traffic. I can’t say it enough, the more traffic you have, the more money you will earn with Google Adsense.

Behind this strategy is the principle of receiving a payment when someone clicks on an ad. Google runs a network of companies that pay Google to show their ads online. Showing ads on websites has the advantage for the advertiser that your ad is displayed in a context related to the content. Google analyzes the website and then decides which ad best matches the content of the site.

That means that Google ads generate traffic directed to the advertiser’s website. And that means advertisers are willing to pay you for every click.

So, when you ask “How do websites make money with Google Adsense?”, Now you know the answer. They try to make as many people as possible click on the Google ads on their page. Normally webmasters try to find topics with a high pay per click. There are topics where advertisers pay up to $ 50 and more per click, so it can be very profitable to monetize a blog or niche site with Google Adsense.

Since “How do websites make money?” It was a crucial question for me from the beginning, I decided to start a Micro Niche Site Challenge. I wrote blog posts on how to find your niche, set up a niche site with WordPress and how to make money with Google Adsense.

And I discovered that Google Adsense is a very good way to start earning money quickly. In fact, I earned my first dollars after two weeks! I am using Joel Comm’s Adsense Secrets 5 (affiliate link) eBook to maximize my earnings with Google Adsense and it really helped me. After two weeks, I am constantly earning € 3 to € 6 per day and I am sure it will be at least € 7 – € 10 per day. It is a fairly good passive income to start, don’t you think?

… With the sale of information products?

How do websites make money selling information products?

How Do Websites Make Money?

Selling information products is probably the most difficult way to start earning money online, but it is also probably the most effective long-term way.

It all starts with building a relationship with your visitor. When you try to sell a product, you must make the visitor trust you. Think of yourself Would you buy a product from a person you don’t trust? Of course, no. Well, building a relationship based on trust is a long and challenging process. It usually takes some time to stand out as an expert and gain the trust of other people.

To sell an information product you need to know exactly the needs of your customers. When you take a look at websites that earn a lot of money selling information products, you will quickly recognize that those websites solve problems for your customers.

If you have a product that solves a problem that your potential customers face in their daily routines, you are ready to earn a lot of money! People like to pay for products that really help. And this is the way to win people’s trust. When people see that you solve their problems, they tend to trust you more quickly.

But people don’t like to be sold. Be sure to connect with your audience before mentioning your product. Let them decide if they want to buy your product and don’t throw it too much!

… With affiliate marketing?

How do websites make money with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money online, although its image is quite unreliable and unreliable. But it does not have to be like that!

People like Pat Flynn show that you can earn more than $ 40,000 each month from affiliate marketing and be one of the most respected Internet entrepreneurs in the world.

When you make money with affiliate marketing, you are basically recommending products to people and you get a commission for each sale. If you do it right (like Pat) you can get a pretty good income with that method.

Monetizing websites with affiliate marketing is not as easy as it seems. Similar to the sale of information products, you must have a relationship with your audience. Otherwise, people simply do not buy the products they are recommending. When people trust you, they believe that the products you recommend can really help you.

Make sure people understand WHY you are recommending the products. You should only recommend affiliated products that meet the needs of your audience, because nobody will buy a useless product, regardless of who recommends it.

Read more when you want to know how to start with affiliate marketing. Or you can join (no affiliate link) and learn affiliate marketing directly from Pat Flynn.

… with memberships?

How do websites with membership and training programs make money?

Well, it can be quite obvious. You can monetize websites with memberships and training programs through regular monthly access fees or single rates for real-time access.

But, again, you’ll want to have a connection with your audience and make it clear to them immediately how they can benefit from being part of your membership program. If you can’t convince people and you don’t provide much value in your programs, you won’t get any registration.

The key reason why people join the membership programs may not necessarily be the original content provided in the membership, but rather get in touch with like-minded people. Of course, you need high-quality content in your program and you should make sure that your members follow it.

But offering forums, private Facebook groups and other communities where its members can connect with each other is essential for any membership program.

On the technical site, it is quite easy to install a membership platform. There are many different themes and add-ons for WordPress, although most of them are paid add-ons or require payment to unlock all functions. You can use OptimizePress, s2member or Membership by WPMU Dev (the last one is an affiliate link).

… Sale of physical products?

How do websites make money selling physical products?

What we are talking about now is the classic online store. I would sell products on your website and send them to customers.

The best thing is that you can almost completely automate your online store!

Several people are already doing this and making a living. A great example is Jun Loayza, who interviews numerous entrepreneurs, who successfully manage online dropshipping stores.

Basically, what you should do is provide the platform for sellers to sell their products. Then you go to the companies and convince them to sell their products in your online store. Sellers take care of customer service, send products, even keep products in the store.

All you have to do to earn money with this is to start. Ok, it’s a bit more complicated, but there is definitely no magic behind it!

You can find a great guide to start here (no affiliate link).

Ok, now you have seen many answers to the question “How Do Websites Make Money? The Startup”.

I hope those answers will inspire you to start taking action. If you need more inspiration, feel free to download my 100-page eBook about my story about the foundation of my business, the business lifestyle and the importance of the least FREE.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you like this article.

For your success.

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