How to use WordPress and Why? Tutorial for Beginners

Today we will tell you about WordPress that is what WordPress is and how we use it. If you’re a blogger or a website developer, it’s very important for you to have a logo that you want to create your career in blogging and a logo for you. So Let’s Go Topic- How to use WordPress and Why? Tutorial for Beginners.

Why do we say that you will get good information after reading this post? You know that we require most computer language knowledge in order to create any website. But how good we can make our website without any computer language information?

WordPress makes something similar, so creating a website on WordPress is very easy. On May 27, 2003, with the help of many websites around the world, Word Launched WordPress by Mood and Mike Little.

Friends, today we will tell you what is WordPress and why this is the best way to create a website or blog. So let’s move forward to friends.

What is WordPress?

How to use WordPress and Why? WordPress is a content management system (CMS). With the help of MySQL and PHP, which are created and installed, a Web server is required to be installed, which we serve as hosting, such as Hostgator, Bluehost, hostinger, Siteground, etc. Call. All these companies offer us web hosting which you can install WordPress.

Simply put, what the content management system should be and how it should be text, headers, and footers, how to keep your content on a website like popular and recent posts.

WordPress type

Friends, you get two types of WordPress and are confused by the things they see and do not understand what they create on their websites or blogs.


Here you can create a completely free blog. You do not need any web hosting and domains for this. As you would like to create a blog on google’s, works the same way.

You do not need web hosting and domain to create both and blogs, but to work on, you need a computer language and you have limited features on Is there.

Overall, if you’re a new blogger and you want to know to blog, you can use both of them. But if you want to make a blogging career, it will be better for you to work on

Here you can create a professional website or blog. But or a paid service because you read web hosting and domain purchases to create a website on it, then you can work on it only. All the big bloggers who work on it. This is called WordPress only.


How to use WordPress and Why? The domain is the address of your website or blog like,,, etc.

Web Hosting-

How to use WordPress and Why? Tutorial for Beginners

Whatever you add content to your websites like the blog post, photo, and video, everything is stored in your web hosting.

If you want success in blogging then this is the best option. Our website also remains on this. It gives you unlimited plugin and themes which you can change the design of the website from one click.

Use WordPress

Some people have a question about why we should use WordPress which is a paid platform, while we can make our own blog on google blogger free. So we tell you its benefits. Which you will understand very well that why should we use WordPress?

1. In this, you can create a professional website or blog.

2. If you want to make a career in blogging and want to be successful.

3. You can work in it without any coding.

4. In this, you get unlimited themes that you can easily change the design of your website and blog within one click.

5. This gives you unlimited plugin. Just like if you want to give your subscriber the information of your post by email, then you just have to install a plugin.

6. WordPress is completely safe.

7. It is SEO friendly that helps you rank your website on google.

8. Using WordPress is very easy.

What is WordPress Plugins?

Most people also do not understand what a plugin is and what they do. As you have created a contact form on Google’s blogger, you have to do coding.

Because Google’s blogger is based on computer language and coding. Besides, you cannot do anything on it. But if your work is done with just one click then it is called WordPress in WordPress.

If you want to run a fan, we just have to click the button or if we want to run the light, just have to click the button. And our work is done. Similarly, if you need a contact form on our website, just have to install the plugin.

WordPress Theme

Everyone wants to give professional design to their website. Because the design of our website only tells the type of website. And it’s very easy to make a website commercial in WordPress.

In this you have unlimited themes, you can customize the theme you want to customize. And you can create your own professional website.

WordPress Dashboard

How to use WordPress and Why? Tutorial for Beginners

We have told you that using WordPress is very easy because the developer has created its interface which we can easily understand and use.

You can do this in case one person can also use MS words with this computer. Because if you want to create a page on your website or write a post, you have to click on it to write your post.

Overall, the dashboard is easy to use. There are some things to understand in the Dashboard initially, and it does not take much time for you.

So friends are waiting. Now you should understand how to use WordPress and Why? Tutorial for Beginners This is our first post of WordPress series. If you love our post, then definitely share it on social media. And if you have any questions, please comment on us.

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