How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now

Getting # 1 rank in Google search can be the best thing about your blog, and it’s not impossible, but not so easy. In this post, I’ll tell you what to do when you’re ranked first on the first page but the top 3 is not in the search engine position. How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now?

There are some techniques and methods that you can apply on your blog to get high CTR (Click To Reach) on Google Search. I have tried some of these factors and also tested and these ways have worked for me and I believe it will work for you too.

How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now

Google Search is simple to Googler simply search and find a system, but as a Blogger and webmasters, we must do more CTR and top use latest search engine ranking factors to get ranking. Here I am in some way share what I’ve implemented over the past few months and it will help you get more search engines to click on your blog. Because it is especially Google Search also the most popular search engine and perhaps the most profitable.

Google Search to increase Click Through Rate (CTR) on Engine Tips

Star rating in Google search

How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now

If you are one of those bloggers who write review articles or do Webhosting or web apps reviews, you can use the  Google Rich Snippet Star rating to distinguish your review. These star ratings that you review the product works like their ranking and it looks different. With Star Rating you can easily create review articles and even competitive keyword results you can come forward. I have a WordPress plugin Author Review ‘d use that Famous has developed. This allows us to add Star ratings for easily Google Search.

How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now

Star with the rating you can add the Call to Action button at the end of the Articles, it will help make him more CTR you to you the product promotes. If you have a tech blogger or blogging in any niche and have services, product, apps if mobile phones do the review to use this plugin and have a good increment in Google search CTR of your blog. This plugin affiliate bloggers  Highly recommended is one of the plugins.

Google SERP date Remove

Readers had date went very useful in that blog to learn post when written and the article is so new. But if you have an older blog and you do not have evergreen content you can get poor CTR due dates in Google Search.

You can make tweaks to date show the posts. But hidden from Google Search. Search engine results from the system I Thesis theme to quickly remove the date use and it helps to get more CTR for posts old. If you are poor CTR notice in posts old my recommendation is that you can remove dates of the Google SERP’s for your blog post and you will be taken to different notice.

Meta Description & Meta Title

It should be the first tip here, but one of the oldest I put it here at last. For information showing in Google and most, another search engine Google search does use your meta title and meta description. Meta title to write not only will improve CTR but will also give you a better ranking with a detailed meta description writing keyword.

How to increase CTR for your WordPress site now

You WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin which can use, or if Your theme post SEO options offer you also use it to write Meta post titles and description will help you to Google Search CTR increase.

Make use of other factors such as the Google Plus “Likes” or video thumbnails and instant previews also help to maximize the CTR for Google searches. But for now, if you implement given went latest SEO techniques over which you improve those methods are listings of your blog posts in Google search.

If you are a different technique used to get better CTR in organic search, then let me know in the comment section.

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