How to install the WordPress plugins? Beginner’s Guide

A most basic thing that you should know in your self-hosted WordPress blog once how the WordPress plugins install. WordPress plugins for the blog are lots of ways to install, you can either choose a quickly WordPress plugin install of the three methods given in: How to install the WordPress plugins? Beginner’s Guide

  • Install the search from Dashboard
  • To install and upload the WordPress the .zip folder.
  • Install via FTP.

I give permission enough for you to plugin install does not recommend to install the FTP unless you have not permission to plugin install the dashboard and most recommended hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator your dashboard. You can read your WordPress blog of must-have plugins The list can also see that pleasure is the share, and then to learn the whole process of this tutorial.

How to install the plugins from the WordPress Dashboard?

If you want to search the plugin from the WordPress plugin repo, you install on a search going and dashboard name simply plugin and plugin.

login to your wordpress dashboard
  • Please login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Plugins> Add new
  • That you want to plugin install, enter the search for him.
  • Please click on Install now.
  • activate the Plugin enter and enter configure its settings.
How to install the WordPress plugins? Beginner's Guide

That’s it, you’ve plugin install. There are many plugins that are outdated and have not been updated for years, but still very useful. But as you can not install the search of plugins, you can .zip folder download the official repo and then use install.

Quick guide to .zip format plugin install:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Plugin> Please click on the Add New> Upload.
  • Activate and enter settings to configure form.

It is very easy and is done on the bottom I made a video tutorial add to it, which will have a better understanding that you all process. And when will you plugin download, keep in mind that you can download them from the official page of credible sources such as WordPress plugin repo, Codecanyon or plugin developers. When downloading avoid any non-credible sources such as free file sharing sites or torrents.

To install the search both process (plugin in this guide and .zip file to install and upload) have been explaining and you will better idea to use the feature plugins for WordPress.

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