Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create

Do you struggle to find a suitable affiliate program for her? Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create.

 Did you know that Apple is an affiliate program whose name is iTunes? iTunes affiliate program this article about and learn to read.

Let us know about some of the great features of Apple’s affiliate program. Along with it, I’ll try to share a trick in this article use you can make your Apple links correctly “affiliate”.

iTunes Affiliate Program Details & Features

Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create. iTunes Affiliate program is open to all. One can also join for free on the iTunes Affiliate Program.

Signup Here

 Once you have iTunes to apply for the Affiliate Program then it may take this 5-day approval or more.

If you have no blog/website then becomes your application rejected. So we can say is to create accounts on the iTunes Affiliate program and you must have a blog/website for.

Once will be your application approved then the login via Apple affiliate can visit dashboard.

Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create

If you are first time open its affiliate dashboard you Settings> might add your payment details by visiting the Payment Method. Apple affiliate program allows payment by direct bank transfer in most countries.

Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create

Tracked in Currency to “All Countries” might select to.

You must select the currency of your country in Paid Currency. Along with Auto Selfbill / Payment Required front tick die not forgotten.

Along with it, you should be able to add his own commission limit. Once your affiliate commission will reach your limit will automatically send the then iTunes Affiliate Program your payment.

Affiliate for Apple Products Links to Create

Its iTunes Affiliate will see the option of a “Tools” at the top of the Program of the dashboard you can affiliate links create the various options how to click on it.

You can see below a screenshot:

Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create

You can use any methods to your affiliate links create.

AutoLink maker

Auto Link Maker is great for blogs Blog is old and blogs official Apple site’s App Store or other Apple products a few links.

 You the code Javascript to it a link you must add to your blog. These shall be accepted to convert to automatically affiliate links after you add the Javascript code to link the blog.

It saves you a lot of time because it has to do not edit manually all links. If you use this method you do not have to create manually affiliate links in future posts.

 Google Tag Manager or to edit the theme of your blog you can add to your blog JS snippet.

RSS feed generator

They also which is a great way you can link create the iTunes Affiliate Program. Also by Apple’s top products, music, books, apps and other things RSS link create by him can add to your blog. This would also increase your revenue by the method.

 RSS link that your sidebar as a widget in your blog or you can add a second place.

 Specific for niche sites that have a very good manner. You can earn good money by the iTunes Affiliate Program using this method.

Link Maker

Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create

When you do affiliate link generates an individual product in the Conditioning This method is very useful for you.

 This can also affiliate links create the bulk by the method.

Tips: If your page Popular you can promote on your social media page and affiliate link create an app using the Link Maker.

Widget Builder

I’m not personally a fan of this method but it might be helpful for you

 By Widget Builder you can embed in her blog post by widget create a single app! Your reader is to install the app and click to read the description widget.

Create Affiliate Link in Quickest Way

On top of the Dashboard of iTunes affiliate program, you can have your unique affiliate ID find. Suppose my affiliate ID 10lMjr! Whenever you have App Store, iBooks, and Mac App

Suppose my affiliate ID 10lMjr! Whenever you have App Store, iBooks, and Mac App in any app or product from the Store if you want your affiliate link to add you last the link to normal the app or product Unique Affiliate ID replace add. By doing so you can make your affiliate link create very easily.


Normal link:


Affiliate Link:

Https://itunes.applkcom/us/app/desk-write-more/id9l5839505? So = L0lnjr

Important Facts about Apple’s Affiliate Program:

  • If a user’s purchase something to click on your affiliate link then you get a commission within 24 hours.  This means that of Apple’s Affiliate Program of Cookie period 24 hours.
  • In iTunes products your commission to 7% get.
  • By your affiliate links, you can also link the free stuff.
  • Blink app is able to quickly affiliate links generate the Download it to your iOS device to your iPhone! I’ll also recommend Highly for it.
  • After 90 days to sell, you can Payments cash.
  • products to the link to the Apple Online Store. commissions from the iTunes affiliate program are not able to earn.
Track to the Income by iOS App

You ExactView app can track your earnings by download to your iPhone.

ITune ShortCode WordPress Plugin

If you’re using WordPress platform you iTunes content plugin should definitely use.

This plugin app increases your clicks and sales by which add the details to interactive ways.

They also support the QR codes. The plugin’s cost is only $ 12. That tech bloggers do iOS Apps of the reviews on your blog, maybe this plugin is very useful for them.

iTunes affiliate program can be a great addition for you. I pronounce must start to use you, you’ll suggest it. If you have an iTunes affiliate program can ask him to feel free in her comments box if you have any questions related.

To definitely share the iTunes affiliate program of this useful information about Facebook page with other bloggers, Facebook group, Twitter friends, and Google plus.

Your experiences on the Mega Guide For The iTunes Affiliate Program-Links Create to share in the comment section with us.

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