How to start making money – Flipkart Affiliate Program?

How to start making money - Flipkart Affiliate Program?

As will you all know, Flipkart is the most popular shopping site in India, where you take-part everyone can buy one common thing of life. Sure read this topic How to start making money – Flipkart Affiliate Program?

As much picks all companies path of Affiliate Marketing to sell more to promote their products or more, the same way Flipkart is the free Affiliate Program offer for the products that are sold through its website that no one large can easily join in.

Today we will learn in detail about the Flipkart Affiliate Program. First, we learn that the Affiliate Program how to join and then we’ll know how you can do more than Flipkart Affiliate Program.

So let’s get going.

How to Join the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart Affiliate Program is very easy to join. You are just for this program, is to signup and then you become a member of this program. Flipkart Affiliate Program to enter follow the steps below to signup.

1. The link to click enter and will be homepage open your front Flipkart Affiliate Program. (As shown in the below screenshot)

How to start making money - Flipkart Affiliate Program?

2. Please click on the button “Join Now for Free” Next will be page open in front of Register. (As shown in the screenshot)

How to start making money - Flipkart Affiliate Program?

3. Your email address enters and selects your password. By then accept their And Terms Conditions, Register Me please click on the button.

That’s it, you’ve become a member of Flipkart Affiliate Program. Then Now comes how to start making money from this program.

Flipkart Affiliate Program also rest Like all Affiliate Program. You can also unique for any product available on Flipkart affiliate URL can create or their banners put on your website.

Besides Flipkart Affiliate A special feature of the Program is also that you install any app by click can promote the mobile app of Flipkart and if your affiliate link so you get the commission for him.

From Flipkart Affiliate Program which gives you a different commission on sales of different products, you can try to click on the link below.

<Flipkart Commission Details>

Flipkart Overview of dashboard Affiliate Program

Affiliate Dashboard of Flipkart happens this way.

The screenshot is shown below search bar you can then Affiliate Link create and enter the URL of any product of Flipkart. About reporting tools in the remnants of the screenshot is shown which are great features of this program.

How to start making money - Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart set forth under the bottom of the Affiliate Program, promotional tools available.

  • Bookmarklet Widget
  • Promotional Widgets
  • Promotional banners
  • Product links and banners

To learn that Flipkart Affiliate Program is so great, see screenshot below which has been informed of some promotional widgets.

How to start making money - Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Herein everything you which can control completed on Flipkart Affiliate Program you get in all major options the menu.

start making money - Flipkart Affiliate

ere we learn about the dashboard Affiliate Program of Flipkart, rest detail you will use it yourself when you will know why. Let’s say that we have come to know now the Affiliate Program of Flipkart Now you can start to earn money.

How to start making money from the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Basically, you will be able only in the command of this Affiliate program, you will be aware of the principles of Affiliate Marketing. So I recommend you first then you below our articles also must read:

Nothing different Flipkart Affiliate program, just as you can promote even do any promote the Affiliate products the company on your blog or website products of the same type Flipkart.

Now that can be used as described in the introduction of the dashboard of the Affiliate of Flipkart you products different things to promote the Search box, banners or links, you according to your convenience of these Take a pick from.

Some Important Tips

  • Please promote the products of Flipkart according to Niche your blog.
  • If your Desktop traffic over the blog so Banners use will be great if mobile traffic is so much you’ll be able to do better conversions and promote the Smartphone app of Flipkart.

About which Flipkart’s Amazon also offer their own Affiliate program like you can learn to follow the link below:

We hope that you will learn a lot about the Affiliate program Flipkart read our article. If you want to know about Affiliate Marketing and much more Hindi language you enter the Browse category of Affiliate Marketing of our blog.

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