How to Making Money with Google Adsense

How to Making Money with Google Adsense

You may have noticed that I reintroduced Google Adsense in this blog.

At the start of this blog, I decided not to try to make money with Google Adsense on this blog, but things have changed.

When I started this blog in March 2019, this website was my only representation on the Internet. It was the only place where you could meet me, read my articles and share my progress in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

With just one blog, I knew I would not be trying to make money with Google Adsense. But now I have my second blog which I use to bookmark myself.

And since we all need to make money, I am also looking for opportunities to earn income online quickly. This blog post will let you know if it’s worth trying to make money with Google Adsense and why I reintroduced it to this site.

We had certain prejudices and I know that I am definitely not of the same opinion.

If you don’t want to read them, you can directly discuss the benefits of making money with Google Adsense and the tutorial for adding Google Adsense to your WordPress website.

Prejudice against money with Google Adsense

The biggest prejudice against using Google Adsense was that Adsense encourages people to leave a


To make money with Google Adsense, users must click on the ads. This is the point where they leave your site and open a site that is obviously more interesting to them.

Otherwise, they would not click on the ad and continue to read your content.

You should not use Google Adsense on a blog whose purpose is to personalize your brand.

Let me explain this statement.

Before launching my personal blog in addition to this one, I absolutely hesitated not to use Google Adsense and to recommend other sites to my visitors.

This blog had about 25 to 50 daily visitors and I desperately tried to keep them on my site.

And that was absolutely true at the time. My plan was to create information products to monetize my site.

Selling your own information products is very difficult because it requires a lot of confidence. To build trust, people had to stay on my site, read my content, and understand that I had knowledge to share with them.

I needed to make myself known and allow people to trust me. Therefore, I had to make it as easy as possible to stay on my site and consume my content.

So Google Adsense was exactly the opposite of what I needed.

This is why some bloggers say they discourage you from earning money with Google Adsense on your blog. And in certain circumstances, they are right.

These are some reasons not to use Google Adsense:

Sell ​​your own information products on your website

Use your website as the only branding platform for yourself

When you don’t know how to customize the appearance of ads to match your site

When you know your audience hates it when you use Google Adsense

Please note that these reasons are my personal opinion and may not apply to everyone.

The keywords in your content decide which ads to display. Make sure you find a niche where the ads have a reasonable CPC, so you can really make money. To find out, you can again use Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai. These tools allow you to filter the CPC so that only promising keywords are displayed.

Your content should also allow the ads to be seamlessly integrated into your website. When using a large number of tables or forms, it will be difficult to display the announcements so as not to distract the user. You can modify the ads to match the colors of your website and I highly recommend it.

These are just a few key facts that you should know when you want to use Google Adsense on your website. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions on this, I would be happy to answer them.

How to Add Google Adsense to WordPress

Earning money with Google Adsense is quite simple when using WordPress.

There are several plugins that allow you to easily integrate Adsense on your website. I’m using a plug-in called Ad Injection.

You can install it directly from the WordPress repository in your administration backend.

It allows you to integrate your Adsense code in four different places. You can display them at the top of your site, at random in your messages, at the bottom of your site and in your footer.

The great thing about this plugin is its customization. You can run split tests, which means you can randomly display different ads in the same place and find the ad format that best converts.

You can also decide where to place the ads at random, so as not to destroy tables, lists or forms.

Injecting ads is quite complex, although it gives you all the options you need. Leave a comment below and I will help you configure it for your site!

I hope you have learned something new on how to make money with Google Adsense and I hope you understand why I reintroduced Adsense to this blog.

Tell me what you think of this strategy to build a passive income stream. Did it work for you?

For your success.

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