How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

Godaddy managed WordPress Hosting only makes for you in a few minutes easy to start a blog. To Read Now How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting.

In this tutorial, I will tell you that you can WordPress blog How to install on your Godaddy hosting account. 

In his first tutorial, I explained how you can purchase managed WordPress hosting from Godaddy.

I’ll step by step talk about the process of WordPress install on Godaddy managed WordPress hosting Account.

Godaddy hosting on WordPress blog

Godaddy One-Click WordPress Installation does plan.

You only need to do some settings configure like your username, password, and other details.

Also, everything will be auto-install. This will automatically set up your database for WordPress and your blog will only take 5 or walking in short minutes.

So go ahead and create your first blog.

Godaddy Site Hosting (Deluxe Plan)

Please login to your Godaddy dashboard.

The first screen will list down all your products. In WordPress blog installation process on managed WordPress to start.

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

Click Setup under the New Managed WordPress on the next screen.

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

Godaddy offers two options:

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting
  • In New WordPress Website install
  • First Migrate existing WordPress Website from

In this guide, I’ll show you how WordPress from the very beginning to install. In Upcoming tutorials, I’ll let you know how WordPress on Godaddy Account to a Hosting to migrate.

Godaddy makes the easy installation of WordPress and you need to add only a few details.

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting
  • Domain name: the domain name you choose which you need to WordPress install.
  • Username:  that which used to select the username you login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Email: Make Sure that you use email which is where you can find installation information. After the install, you can at any time within the WordPress dashboard to change your email address.
  • Password: Use a difficult password to protect against hackers on your WordPress blog.

Click Finish and Godaddy managed WordPress installer will automatically WordPress blog, set up and install for you. Your WordPress blog onset may take about one or two minutes. Once this is complete, you’ll see a successful installation screen is as follows:

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

Installation You will receive an email after completion. The email will contain your WordPress dashboard login and username in. You can log in to your WordPress dashboard to your WordPress blog setup.

Go Daddy Quick Setup

Godaddy, Go Daddy Quick Setup does WordPress plugin plan which non-technical user to only a few steps to help set up the blog, business website, Gallery and Personal Website in. You can click to get started on your dashboard and select the type of WordPress site, you want to set up.

How To Managed WordPress On GoDaddy WP Hosting

Godaddy is one of those hosting companies that offer a free WordPress video training plan. You can learn everything about WordPress seeing can click on Video tutorials on the left bar and videos.

If you are familiar with the best way of WordPress training and WordPress you can ignore the step above.

You can directly go to Plugins Go Daddy Quick Setup can disable and Sidekick plugin. I’m sure that your next steps would be easy to figure out.

If you know of course me through so I want the tutorial on the next step comment.

Sign up for Godaddy site

Thus, your WordPress seems to run on a blog Godaddy Hosting. Now you need to start preparing to install all the necessary plugins and blogging or your business Website. For starters, that there is some essential WordPress plugin you want to install for better ranking and optimization of your site:

Now to increase your business and start using your WordPress site to publish your articles.

If Godaddy WordPress Hosting on WordPress blog installs to the topic in Ask course me through you have any questions comment section.

Remember that this is an unofficial community of Godaddy users for a variety of tips and tricks to learn Godaddy Hosting.

There fore, we have our Social Networking Sites Facebook, Google+ Twitter to join in. Others must share in this guide with others to learn about the WordPress blog set up in a few minutes.

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