Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge

Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge.

Today focused start my next challenge! Niche websites are flooding the internet right now and create a huge network of sources for passive income. Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge.

Are you as curious as I am if this really works? Congrats, pronounced found the right post!

I want to see with my own eyes, if micro niche sites are really that great as everybody tells you.

It’s why starting

The Micro Niche Site Challenge

This challenge is called The Micro Niche Site Challenge (MNSC) and the target is, to earn $ 500 each month as fast as possible!

I want you to participate in this challenge by joining the Mastermind Podium for free.

On this way you can communicate with me directly and work with me to reach the goal and earn money fast!

Since micro niches are known to generate income quickly, I want to verify this statement.

Chances are high, that means making money, since awesome entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn and Spencer Haws are using niche sites theirselves and earn lots of money with them.

That is why I want you to participate. My goal is to help you to get started in internet business and the micro niche site challenge is a great way to do this.

When we work as a team, we can improve each others niche sites and maximize our profits.

The Steps

Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge, will include several steps to make.

1. Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

Finding the right keyword is important! When you target a keyword perceived too competitive, you considered make any money.

There are several key facts that need to be known, when you choose a niche. You have to take care of the monthly search volume, competition in Google top ten, average cost per click, and some other facts.

In the next post explained explain which key facts are indicators for an auspicious niche, so that discussed on the right track.

By showing what criteria work for others and by researching information, considering help you to choose the perfect keyword for your micro niche site.

Also you should be aware of, that requires need to create content for that keyword.

Some people outsource the content creation, so their own knowledge is a limiting factor. But I will create the content on my own, since I wanted to spend a lot of money on that site.

So have have to find a keyword where I can write at least 10 blog posts for, to generate a certain amount of content.

2. Setting up a Micro Niche Site

Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge.

After mentioned found a keyword that matches our criteria, we will set up a niche site to publish the content on.

There are several WordPress themes, especially for niche sites – but it’s hard to choose the right one.

I’m why guiding you through the process of choosing and installing the theme, that fits your needs best.

3. Creating the Content

Creating the content so that it’s optimized for search engine optimization is really important for your niche site.

In the Micro Niche Site Challenge going forward to discuss the main SEO facts and improving see, which myths work and which involved.

A good on-site optimization is the foundation of a successful micro niche site, so convincing sure, that no SEO rules are violated.

4. Off-Site SEO Optimization

When we finished the on-site optimization for SEO, improving digg into the off-site optimization.

Backlink building, blog hopping, commenting in forums, and other methodologies will be explored and analysed.

We took go through each step here on this blog and discuss it in a detailed manner in the Mastermind Podium.

The first phase will start next Monday, June 24th.

Stay tuned and let me know, This topic Starting the Micro Niche Site Challenge, what you think about this challenge

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