Why are New Blog Post’s Ranking changing over time

Keywords of up and downranking are nothing new, but there is a confusion that most webmasters are, ranking fluctuation of a new blog post. Is typically when you make a new blog post publish, you are at it as this ranking common over time, see the first 4-5 pages of Google Search, vanishes or increases. It is a question also arises as to whether, if the page’s quality was not good, then there are blog posts Why come forward in Google Search, and why it fell with the ranking time, Why are New Blog Post’s Ranking changing over time?

Google ranking new blog post

This is one reason why many times you see scrapped content replace original content in search. And I’m not mistaken that when the index of Google web, he already does filter out the Spam Websites in order to maintain even a part of the Google Search results, clean web eco-system.

So whether the ranking of your new content even drops for some time, do not worry, and do my work in it, because if you write a quality post, you will get back to you your ranking over time. If your blog already has a quality blog is (High-Quality Blog), you may again see such a ranking drop, to a new blog or middle-level blog it ranking dance normal. Now here are some tips to improve over time as your ranking.

How to maintain your Google Ranking?

Here I have some Tips share which will help to improve your Google Ranking you. As I mentioned above, it is very common that will be your ranking drop, whether it be getting the drop for a few weeks, are the chances of his return to his original position. Here I have some Tips I share  that will be helpful:

Content of Quality:

This is the first need and is the foundation of your rankings. If you have to change the way you write, so you just write for the search engines. You should write to the human users, and then your content SEO score should improve. Which is quite simple:

  • Keyword Bear in H1 Tag.
  • Keyword Bear in H2 Tag.
  • Bear made a good keyword density.
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) enter Add the Keywords.
  • An important part of the Bold, as well as Keywords and Italicize, enter – it’s the Idea of scannable your content on. This search engine simply will not only help to identify the strong keywords in your blog post, but it will help to also scan from your content quickly to readers.
  • Article of Length – This is a Known Factor Perfect Ranking. Keep an eye on the length of your article, with good content. the best length of articles is generally good rank.
  • Make your Content and interactive and useful for video slides and other rich-mediaCART.
  • It sure of Page Load Time does penalize the pages are not too much, because loading Google slow.
  • Please use Google Authorship.
  • If you’re writing new articles, Utaiye advantage of star rating in Search.

Another great strategy that has secured analyze the Top L0 Results, and try to write something like form which already Top 10 to Top of Results. Have made the niche of your blog, because, over time, you will be outranked for a similar topic by niche blogs.

Social Media Share:

Social Media Share and Bookmarking a signal known to a Google ranking. Be sure you have the proper call to action bookmarking and sharing buttons are in your blog posts. If you like plugins when WordPress Use Digg-Digg can use to add such buttons. You always media social your old blog posts sites such must continue to promote on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, because it will help you get more shares and your social ranking would be great.


You should link build your Mojuda posts. To get links to your blog, no spam method or an unnatural way to use not enter. Another great idea is a guest post on a niche based blogs to write, and the context of the article has secured a backlink.

More content on similar content:

On the topic have to try to get more content to develop that are typing. Quotes if I’m writing a post on Google Keyword Ranking How to Keep Maintain should I write posts also: How to check the Keyword Ranking? Or how to bring your blog posts in Google Search?

Because users similar articles are much more search to its potential and has been writing articles on your domain similar topics to also help in telling the search engines. If you have a budget you HitTail can use you, who should write Harsh on the Long Tail to help you discover the Keywords beginning with them their blog.

Just the same, it can even Google Dance you will ensure, you back your lost ranking. If you are now seeing is losing the ranking in a new blog post search engine, rather than to worry about him, Naturally work in it, and make sure that the points above and focus on them. Once Google will determine your actual ranking after some time, you will get high ranking really.

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