How to Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner

Feeds that are very useful and an important part of the blog, because it gives your readers to track the latest updates to your blog. Default By WordPress Blog Feed URLHttp://domainkcom/feed happens it is not compatible with all feed readers and your blog the best of feed compatible way, to the use of 3rd party feed readers and burns it to redirect. How to Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner.

Many free and premium feed burning services and best, Feedburner, is not owned by which Google. In this guide, we will talk about how you can start to burn the feed of your blog to use the Feedburner. As this guide especially WordPress blogs have been written, if the default feed offer which you have a platform to be able to also use, you can burn them to Feedburner.

How to Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner

How to Create Feedburner for use by WordPress Blog Feed?

You’ll need a Google account to log in to Feedburner or you can create a free account. Go to the homepage of Simply Feedburner, and enter login to your Google account. Once you are in the Dashboard of Feedburner, you will see the option to right away burn a feed, add to add URL of your blog. Yes, for your blog to feeds discover, should be at least one blog post, or else the error will show. So make it sure that you follow my first time WordPress guide and make your permalink set, and start the process.

How to Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner

Please click on the next after you enter your Blog URL or feed URL, and it will option for you to title and feed address set. To Feed title, a title pick would prefer that CTR increases, for example, our blog name WPFreeSetup is, which is great for SEO, we give him WordPress tutorials or how to use keep the WordPress name because they sense for most Subscribers.

However, to maintain consistency in branding, I remain wp free setup the feed URL.

How to Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner

Click on Next enter and you’re done. Are you ready with your blog feeds and this is my final Feed URL: Http://feedskfeedburnerkcom/WpFreesetup

It can also configure to take more work, and settings.

Feedburner for Feeds Extra Settings:

Here I quickly I’m going to activate the services that you offer by Feedburner, which will help you now take just newly WordPress blog more than the benefits feed made. To activate the Services, you can spice up your blog feed. Optimize WordPress Blog Feed Using Feedburner.

Optimize Settings under the form Activate these services:

Browse Friendly: You can also add can set your feed theme and a little more subscription options.

Smartfeed: Create compatible with all feed readers almost your feed.

FeedFlare: In your blog feed Email, or add directly to Bookmark more options.

Activate: Publicize Settings and under these Feedburner, services to enter Activate.

Email Subscription: Email the Subscription Option offer. Activate it enter and enter to get your Email subscription code. You can configure the various options on the Email Branding.

Feedcount: If you want the total number of feed subscribers to show on your blog feed, then enter activate this service.

According to your requirement and there are many options available, you can enable them. That’s all and Congratulations, you have just your own WordPress Blog Feed Feedburner use made by.

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