How to Post With Huge Multiple Groups of Facebook?

If you are a blogger you know only Is it important to share So there people came and read it. But this is the most popular social media Facebook and if you have been promoting your blog and there are people who are attracted to your blog, if you do not think you will have the traffic on the blog can Today through this post we can tell people how to post without any software

Blog post How to post with huge Multiple groups of Facebook?

To post with one of your blog posts to Facebook group you must follow the three step.

  • Your Niche to join the group associated with.
  • All to get the Facebook Group email id.
  • Send mail to the group’s email id.

But his Facebook traffic blogs to drive you to have to post several groups Facebook to your blog post. So how come the election of Group First it lives to take.

1. How to select the Group on Facebook?

To choose the group on Facebook You keep in mind just written down –

On Facebook, you just have to join the same group. Suppose your blog is about food only

When joining the group this thing must keep the attention of the Public Group, because the group will add an add on to join it as long as it will not be approved.

The third and most important thing is to always join the group in the form of more than 20000 members if it is not much much if you are the group which most are members Because much like joining the group member can cause more people to your blog posts.

2. How to get the Email ID of the Facebook group?

Now you are joining you in the second step At the moment it is not a difficult task

First, you open the group. Now see the group URL if he has to give notice any numbers because you will not see them username far the group has not been set, the user name. As

How to Post With Huge Multiple Groups of Facebook?

But if the user name is name take note in a note that user name and take him to save. When you give away user name And to save it in a text file.

How to Post With Huge Multiple Groups of Facebook?

As [email protected]

As the group’s name android mobile zone above figure, it is the email id [email protected]

Similarly, you have created email address It is a little hard work, but it will always work.

3. Group to post Group email

  • Now that you have joined the group, and email the group has joined id also has received
  • Now you want to join the group in your blog posts so you can use the email id to log in to your Facebook id, to open the email.
  •  Now a mail compose the email And email the facebook groups that you have prepared Security copy-paste it in the Bcc compose mail
  • The subject section gives stay BLANK Click the link between your blog and your blog.
  • Now you can send the email to its compose. And not after you have posted and seen


If you adopt the method described above, you can post your group in a few seconds.

How to Post With Huge Multiple Groups of Facebook? I hope you will come to like definitely my post Posted by Facebook on Facebook It is the first posting of the comment box.

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