Promote Your Website With Articles – Advantage

Promote Your Website With Articles - Advantage

There isn’t a better way to promote your website than with written articles; bar none! It’s got so many good things going for it. Promote Your Website With Articles.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will build a reputation as an expert
  • One article can get you many backlinks
  • Each article can bring you many visitors
  • You will build credibility with your visitors
  • Your name will become known on the Web
  • Your writing can get you an editorial position
  • Use your own articles for your content

There are probably a few more good reasons I’ve missed but
I’m sure you get the general idea. Writing has a promotional
and marketing punch few other activities can deliver.

The above doesn’t imply there aren’t some negative issues that
will come up when you promote your website with articles. The standard agreement when you offer articles for free publication is that it will include a small “About the Author” area near the end of the article, called a “Resource Box.”

The resource box will contain a short 4 or 5 line description of the Author and a live link to the Author’s website. Some less-than-honorable webmasters will use your article without the resource box. Others will install the box but use only a plain text link, not a hyperlink. It’s up to you how far you want to go to enforce your copyright.

Promote Your Website With Articles
Promote Your Website With Articles

Another thing to consider when you promote is “content duplication.” The Search Engines will filter out some duplicate content and it could be yours. A way to overcome the filtering is to promote with one piece and install another, similar one, on your site. Be careful, talk about the same subject, but do make them different. 

If you don’t like to write or don’t want to, you can farm out the job to writers that will do it for you. It’s not all that expensive and will bring you many returns. Post your job requirements at Elance and negotiate your best deal.

There are many content hungry publishers on the Web; you won’t have to look hard to promote your articles! The best thing is to start by creating a list of publishers using a password manager like RoboForm. To get you started, you can download a list I use by joining my Newsletter.

Should you decide to write the articles yourself, you couldn’t get a better manual than Jim Edwards’ “Turn Words Into Traffic.” In it you’ll find all the little details of writing and submitting your finished pieces to editors. I personally use it and highly recommend it.

I’ve written extensively about using content and articles to promote your website.

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