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It’s been a while since I last posted, especially on my progress in creating one (or more?) Niche websites. Review: Create Niche Websites Successful And My Plans.

This is mainly because I am working a lot on my new project. But of course, I want to keep you posted on the results of my Micro Niche Site Challenge!

I started the challenge of finding my niche, then I built a niche site with WordPress and in the last step (so far), I created content for the niche site.

Now is the time to reveal the results! And to tell you that I will continue to create niche websites, to create a passive income stream.


The subject of my niche website is the WebLogLink I chose this subject because I am a somewhat passionate runner and I have been struggling with WebLogLink for several months.

It is well known that physical activity and exercise are good for running a business because they make you more productive. That’s why I won’t stop playing sports, even though I’ll probably stop running.

After doing some keyword research in my favorite Long Tail Pro keyword tool, I found keyword shin support. I target the United States with my keyword and I use broad search. The other possible parameters are exact and precise and it is very important to know the differences!

I thought it was the perfect keyword, even though the monthly search volume for the term tibia support is not as high as I would like and is at the very top of the competition. What makes this topic and keyword interesting is the ability to create a larger site with basic content.

I could even create several niche websites with this great topic, although I plan to make this niche website a bit of authority.

This means that I will not target just one keyword, but many related keywords, which I hope will drive more traffic to my site. As I point out here, it is useful to check the results of the keyword tools with the Google keyword tool, whether you use Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai or some other tool.

Here are my results:

As you can see, I entered slightly different keywords in the Google Keyword Tool as in Long Tail Pro. The reason is that I want to have a “feeling” for the niche. It seems that people are somewhat interested in the subject of tibial splints, they enter several similar keywords.

During the project, I discussed the keywords with one of my good friends who built a ton of niche websites (no, I’m not talking about Spencer Haws).

He proposed extremely different keyword research results. The monthly search volumes only represented 20% to 30% of the results I had. We both couldn’t understand why the results vary so strongly, but we think this is due to the fact that he lives in a country different from me. Maybe Google offers different search volumes, even though we both enter the same country as the target for the keyword.

Review of Micro Niche Websites And My Plans. But that’s why I double check all the keywords I use! Since I already started building the site, I decided to continue.

Niche website configuration

Micro Niche Websites

Ok, so how did I create my niche website?

Review of Micro Niche Websites And My Plans. I started out like everyone else who creates niche websites, with keyword research to find my niche.

Brainstorming for topic ideas is best for me, but you can also go through Amazon’s bestsellers (people are obviously interested in the topics in these books), eBay products, or take a walk in your city.

The great thing about keyword research with Long Tail Pro and the Google Keyword Tool is that you only have to enter your starting keywords. For example, I entered “shin splints” and Long Tail Pro showed my hundreds of possible keywords for this area.

You can easily use each of these keywords as another starting keyword and keyword chain to find a good niche. It takes time and in my eyes is the most difficult part of the process of creating niche websites. Most niche websites fail because they target an overly competitive keyword and therefore never get serious traffic from Google.

At first, I looked for a free .com domain that exactly matched one of my keywords. This is very important, almost all niche websites have an exact match domain. As you will see later in the results, it is paying off. I recommend using the .com or .net domains, because I’ve only heard good stories about their impact on SEO. I haven’t heard anything good about new domains like .info – but I only have experience with .com for my niche websites.

The next step was to install WordPress as the content management system for my niche website. It allows you to easily manage your content and my friend recommended that I use IntelliTheme for WordPress. This topic is very complex and I did not find the time to really delve into it, so I will post a review about it in the coming weeks. But for now, let me say that it is very flexible and it is good to find the best converting Adsense ads. This can really increase your income!

Ok, I had a domain and I had my WordPress ready to switch, now it was time to create the content.

Being a runner and dealing with WebLogLink for several months, I knew a lot about it. It was easy to start generating content, writing about compression sleeves, shoes, running techniques, etc. Although I quickly discovered a problem. As you know, I come from Germany, so I only knew the medical terms in Indian. It was painful to find all the medical terms in English, but I think it turned out to be correct.

Make sure you know what you’re talking about when you create niche websites!

I didn’t know it at first and I had to do extensive research to translate all the medical terms. I could not have created this site in Indian, because the search volume is too low, so I had to devote a little time to the translation.

When you create niche websites, you want them to help people. Otherwise, they will bounce quickly on your site and will not click on any ad. And since Google measures how long visitors stay on your site, it doesn’t benefit your ranking when people leave quickly.

I used books I owned and forums to determine what content to create. It is always useful to take a look at the associated forums to see what people are talking about. Chances are, these people will also like your content when they see it. Social media, h events.

Results Of My Niche Website

My micro niche websites and my plans started to rank fairly quickly. I created the first content in mid-June, so the site is about a month old.

Today, I rank at position 6 in Google for my main keyword. Here’s a screenshot of the awesome Yodelay iPhone app (it’s horizontal).

The reason that I rank so well for shin support has a simple reason. My domain exactly matches this keyword. This is why you should choose an exact match area.

I don’t want to link it here, because Google may be aware of the connection between this site and my micro-niche site. They are hosted on the same server and Google could treat this as an illegal backlink – I don’t want to risk it. You can guess what the domain is 🙂

Please show me when you see the site, like I said, I didn’t spend a lot of time setting up the theme.

In the month, I had around 40 unique visitors to my site. Of course, 40 visitors don’t make any money – a good click-through rate is between 3% and 7%.

I am confident that the site will rank better for the other keywords over time, as I will be creating more content for it and doing a backlinking. I’ll keep you posted on every step I take and the money I make with this niche website.

Will there be more niche websites?

Yes, I will definitely continue to build niche websites.

Research has shown that niche websites are great for generating passive income once you know how to build them the right way.

As I said above, I am working on a mentoring platform for young entrepreneurs. This platform will continue a detailed plan for creating successful niche websites – based on my experience and the experience of people who have already created hundreds of successful niche websites.

I would be delighted to know your opinion on this project. Review Create Niche Websites. Do not hesitate to leave a comment and share your opinion.

Good luck.

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