What is SEO Article Writing? SEO Copywriting Explained

Many freelancers have questions about what SEO is; What is SEO Copy Writing; What is SEO writing This article explains – in detail – what it is. And, how to make money from it as a freelance writer. What is SEO Article Writing? SEO Copywriting Explained.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for the phrase “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is about doing some specific things on your website to bring more traffic to your website so that you can increase online sales – and traffic.

What are some of these “things”?

There are many, but here we will discuss what it is because it applies to independent writers. And, it means writing text in a certain way so that web surfers (ie, Internet users) can land on a particular site.

What is SEO as it relates to freelance writers?

Freelance writers should relate to keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are words and phrases that web surfers type when they search for things online.

For example, suppose you are interested in starting a foreclosure cleaning business. Apart from foreclosure news you know nothing about it that it is hot and you are interested in starting a company like this.

So, you log on to your favorite search engine, (eg, Google, Yahoo-MSN, etc.) and type in the keywords “foreclosure cleaning business” or “foreclosure cleaning” or “foreclosure cleaning” or some other relevant keyword phrase.

Note: When you type a word in a search engine to search for something on the Internet, the word you type is a keyword (a word) or a keyword phrase (two or more words with a comma in between). It is called.

How do businesses get to the top of search engine results?

When you type in these words and hit “ENTER”, a bunch of sites pop up and you start surfing (ie, click on the results) and start checking the sites to see if you have the necessary information. Yes or No.

The sites that pop up are the results that search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, et al think are most relevant to the keyword phrase (aka search phrase) you have typed. Companies pay a lot of money to be between the first two. Or three pages in search engine returning results.

Why SEO Copywriters Are In Demand And How They Make Their Money

One of the ways to popup in the first two or three pages of results is relevant text that has appropriate keyword phrases. And, this is where you can earn a lot of money as an SEO copywriter. You write the text that their site needs to pop up high in search engine results.

Many times, companies will just give you a bunch of keyword phrases and you have to write what you want – as long as it is a certain length (usually 300–500 words).

There are many freelance writers – some thousands if not hundreds of thousands. But, only a small minority know what SEO is and how to write this type of copy. And, that’s why they are in demand.

SEO copywriters have an in-demand skill. And, as more and more companies shift a large portion of their advertising budget to Internet marketing, their skills become even more demanding.

In the SearcheEngineWatch article, SEO Copywriter: Wordsmithing the Web, William Flaze, underscores the importance of an SEO copywriter.


What is SEO Article Writing? SEO Copywriting Explained

“The role of the agency SEO copywriter is unique because …. Suddenly, an author must craft press releases, craft articles for social news, monitor social network communications and develop wiki content …. A strong SEO copywriter is adaptable and Able to get lots of new information very quickly. These unique individuals have quickly become the backbone of many SEO engagements. If content is king, they [SEO Copyright Su] are kingmakers. “

And this is why SEO copywriters can charge a premium for their services. If you are looking for a way to start or maximize your income as an online freelance writer, SEO copy writing is the way to go. Share this topic What is SEO Article Writing? SEO Copywriting Explained.

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