Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives Making Money

Adsense Alternatives for Making More Money

Google AdSense is a great way to earn extra money on your blogs and articles. To help you get an idea of ​​how much you earn with Adsense, you can try this on Google’s Adsense Earnings Calculator.

If you are planning to use AdSense, you will need to go through the complex process of creating an AdSense account and gain Google’s approval.

Yes, it’s a great thing to get Google AdSense approval, as many bloggers can dream of. Many times, Google blocks your AdSense account for violating its policies and getting you into trouble.

When a Google AdSense account is blocked, one of the best solutions is to look for alternatives to Google AdSense. If you don’t know, there are many other programs like Google Adsense.

  • Best Google Adsense Alternatives:
    • Skimlinks
    • Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink)
    • Yllix Media
    • Adsterra
    • RevContent
    • Cuelinks
    • Propeller Ads
    • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
    • Adversal

Google Adsense Advanced Techniques:

While all alternatives may not be better than Google AdSense, but it really depends on what your website niche and traffic like.

Depending on these factors, other Google AdSense alternatives may be better than AdSense itself. With that being said, here are Google’s Ad Adense networks for the 11 best practices, listed below.

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Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives Making Money

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives Making Money

1. Skimlinks

If your content is about products and has product-related keywords, Skimlink is an ad network that helps you monetize content.

As many have said, Skimlink is one of those ad networks that has no attempt to make easy money on content.

For anyone looking for an ad network that doesn’t require subscription hassles, makes affiliate links, or waits for approval, Skimlink is the right choice.

I do not include marketing related to their strategies in these topics. However, if you’re interested you can use the following resources,

Skimlink automatically creates affiliate links based on content on the website to share products relevant to users.

For example, if you mention a pair of Levi’s or denim content and add a link to an online store that sells denim, Skimlinks can automatically change it to a linked link.

To help you better understand how Skimlinks work, watch the video below.

Skimlinks help overcome the hassle of partnering with revenue networks. No more discussion of Skimlinks.

Here’s a fellow blogger, who makes about $ 195 / mo from Skllinks

2. Sovrn // Commerce (Previously Viglink)

Sovrn // Commerce is the brand new name of the well-known monetization platform Viglink.

VigLink is another ad network that performs differently compared to other ad networks that we have mentioned and will mention later.

When you use VigLink, your standard outgoing links will be converted into affiliate links. Now, once links have been converted into affiliate links, whenever users purchase an item through this link, you will receive a commission for it.

One of the best things about VigLink is that if you didn’t create linked links to your website, VigLink wouldn’t interfere with those links.

Viglink is similar to Skimlinks. However, Skllinks found 48,500 sellers while VigLink only found 12,500 sellers.

Choosing between Skllinks and Viglink only depends on which platform is able to find the right advertisers.

To set up Viglink, you should add a few lines of code to the site source with the help of JavaScript. This SEO is friendly, and it works in conjunction with AdSense.

3. has the reputation of being an AdSense ad network. is the powerful ad network Bing and Yahoo !, the two largest search engines behind Google. So naturally, the second-largest ad network behind Google AdSense, making it a critical alternative to Google AdSense.

The good thing about compared to Google AdSense is that it makes it popular for bloggers – small and large.

The parameter has high quality content. All you have to do is get permission to make sure your blogs are up-to-date and relevant, with no specific direction.

Payment is made via PayPal or telephone.

The dashboard is powerful where you can easily find statistics, reports, and graphs to track your earnings based on a timeline.

Also, it provides the highest amount of production per thousand, making it a good reason for people to use it.

While most ad networks do not allow sticky sidebar ads, you do get them through The next good thing is that once you are part of the customer domain, you can access customer support services easily.

4. Yllix Media

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives  Making Money

Speaking of other Google AdSense alternatives, Yllix is one of the new ad networks (starting in 2012) that has become very popular.

With a much simpler and easier to understand homepage, Yllix still offers excellent customization capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for a pop-up ad, pup-down ad, slide ads, mobile redirect, layer ads, or full-page ads, Yllix can help you do that.

Also, in full-page ads, you can customize and select any size based on what you want.

With a simple view and implementation process, it is a great ad network as an alternative to Google AdSense for beginners.

5. Adsterra

Adsterra is an excellent ad network for publishers that already has good CPM and works with a large number of ads, collecting traffic on both desktop and mobile.

The type of ads you would like to see on your page are completely personalized using Adsterra.

With excellent CPM for your traffic, you can choose anything from direct links, banners

If you’re a novice in blogging, you can start using another ad network than Adsterra.

Adsterra pays you in a variety of ways, making it more convenient depending on your interests.

Other payment options are Bitcoin, WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, wire and many others.

6. RevContent

RevContent is popular for being a native ad network. The thing with native ads is that they are always blogs and websites compared to standard banners.

Many popular publishers, such as NBC News, CBS, etc., use RevContent in native ads.

Even in the category of native networks in nature, there are many options.

However, as RevContent offers a better customization option and responsive widgets, endless volumes, and other elements, publishers love it more than other traditional ad networks.

The reason why RevContent is billed as one of Google AdSense’s best practices is that it is very popular among publishers.

However, a few deductions for using RevContent to get approval. RevContent has the reputation of rejecting nearly 9 percent of applicants.

It is envisioned that websites can nominate a premium account. If that seems in advance, then the request is granted.

7. Cuelinks

For bloggers who rely heavily on Indian traffic, Cuelinks work better, far better than Google AdSense.

However, if a blogger wants to use AdSense and Cuelinks, he or she can continue.

Works well with other ad networks, such as Skimlinks and Viglink. It requires a one-time setup, after which it is ready to go.

After registering with Cuelinks, you receive a line of code. When you put them in the source code of your blog, your regular links to Indian sites are converted into affiliate links.

As good as Viglink is, for every purchase made by a customer using your link, you will be charged a certain amount of commission for the purchase.

Other sites that offer good commission on affiliate links are FabIndia, Amazon India, Flipkart, Airtel Broadband, Jabong, and many more.

8. Propeller Ads

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives  Making Money

Developer ads are one of the most well-established ad networks. While it is a new ad network that started in 2011, it has grown rapidly.

However, if you decide to use PropellerAds media as an alternative to AdSense, you should know that PropellerAds Media works best only in certain quantities.

If your website includes games, dating, entertainment, movies, gambling, or some other kind of activity, PropellerAds Media is a better option for you than AdSense.

You’ll find both pop-unders and baners on PropellerAds, but pop-unders work better. PropellerAds are websites that try to monetize ads in countries, such as India, South Africa, etc.

Also, PropellerAds helps in making money from mobile services and applications. So, if you are getting mobile traffic, using the PropellerAds network can be a very good idea.

9. Amazon Indigenous Shopping Ads

Amazon Shopping Ads is Amazon’s exclusive ad network. This means that, if you’re writing a blog about a specific amazon product, you can opt for Amazon’s Traditional Shopping Ads.

The way this network works is very effective and straightforward for people who want to make good money on their blogs.

If you write about a particular product on Amazon and urge people to buy it, Amazon Native Shopping Ads will pay you a commission for each successful purchase.

Amazon Traditional Shopping Ads don’t work like other ad networks on a one-click payment basis. Instead, with each purchase through your link, you receive a commission from Amazon.

It may also allow bloggers to run powerful ads on blogs. This helps in promoting Amazon products in a better way. Amazon partners can be used along with AdSense.

Money is deposited into the bank by telephone or check.

10. Variable

For many AdSense options that have a simple application for approval and sign-up, Adversal is one of them.

Another thing that users love about Adversal is that instead of paying for clicks, it pays for the content.

Advertisers get the option of geo-taging, using it, they pay more for their ads to target audiences. This adds up to how much money publishers can earn using Adversal.

The types of ads you can find using Adversal are- dashboard, banners, Ministitial, pop-under, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, and rectangle medium.

For many, the type of ad most wanted by most people is less. Another bonus for new and young bloggers using Adversal is that the down payment is, that is, $ 20.

In addition, CPM values ​​are very high. Using Adversal, you can also easily track various ad campaigns.

More Website Adsense Alternatives


Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives Making Money

Adshares is the first digital marketing network based on Blockchain. Being a block-based network, it has a more reliable ecosystem.

It also manages large volume of micropayments. As you said, there is no down payment and you will be automatically paid every hour.

The main purpose of the distribution is to create a transparent network between advertisers and publishers.

The platform has also included features that will allow Publishers to decide which ads will be displayed on their website.

Technically, Adshares is using a new market structure, which will be a real-time bidding platform.

Don’t forget, Adshares has the ability to skip AdBlock and help you monetize those traffic.

Final Information

These are 11 of the best Google Adsense alternatives. Most of them work well with Google AdSense, which means you can always try them without Google AdSense.

While Google AdSense is a very lucrative ad network, the approval rate is so low that bloggers looking forward to monetizing blogs will definitely need an alternative.

In addition, for many bloggers, the fear of being blocked is one notable insecurity. Of course, big money comes with a variety of conditions and strict guidelines that bloggers can swear by.

So, trying these best AdSense methods means a lot if you are serious about getting your blogs.

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