How to use SEO and utility in WordPress and categories?

WordPress of categories and tags to help you structure your blog. It also plays an important role in the SEO of your website. When I talk about SEO, I always have a simple rule follows: How to use SEO and utility in WordPress and categories?

Keep Low-Quality Pages from the search engine index.

Today I will talk about the categories of WordPress and SEO.

If we user sees the point of view, the categories of WordPress and tags are two very important aspects. Most related posts plugin related posts for use categories and tags to show. If your categories of the blog are not structured in a grand way, the related posts plugin will also negative effect will show itself irrelevant articles under the posts on your blog and its bounce your blog rate.

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How to structure the categories of WordPress?

You planning to blog the categories you should be the first day and because you’re writing the business plan for your blog. When it was built, then it was laid categories below.

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • SEO
  • WordPress News
  • WordPress Hacks
  • Editorial

It helps us to focus on your content strategy. And even if it takes more, whenever we write an off-topic, that it gives us any warning to stay on your way street.

As I mention above that WordPress categories is great to structure your blog. According to the perspective of a Search engine, Google much interested that means that posts your content. Even the category archive page is also seen as a low-quality page because Search Engine Optimization as an add no value add.

Categories and SEO:

Usually, people think that will index in all the page search engine, we will give the more Search Engine Traffic.

That 2011 was the right way when search engine bots were not so good. All the pages are, the more the traffic even more.

To be clear that with the panda update of Google, search engines that they hate the cultivation of content – such as to add to the pages search engine with a value not.

The usually archive a select category in a category page and according to the design of your blog, it shows an excerpt of a complete post or the post.

Now two questions on which you should ask yourself:

What is your category page solve a problem that they search on Google?

If your category posts index is what these your post all the same content show does not?

You’re creating duplicate content like this.

In a nutshell, SEO perspective, these categories useless too but if viewed in terms of user-experience point of view is very useful, and it’s a great way to offer to navigate your site to the user. It also helps to deeply crawl your website to search engine bots.

My Recommendation:

Use SEO and utility in WordPress and categories. For your blog to great SEO, I would you recommend that the WordPress Categories “No-Index” on “do-follow” keep.

Do not index your category pages on this way you can be sure that search engine bots are crawl all your links.

If you’re planning on keeping some change to the current category names of your blog and great, keep in mind that it may change your permalinks.

If you are permalinks use, such as, “Category%%% Posts%” I will not suggest that you use the change to your categories or no permalinks migration plugin for your blog.

Regardless, some SEO experts believe that “% category% /% posts% ” or “% Date% /% Posts%”Permalink Google Friendly are Structure, “% post%” would like to remain on the structure. The reason is that my posts will never be too old and I re-use them to venture to whenever I want. Besides, if I have any change, it will not be my sitemap break.

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