Scientists believe Will warming spring temperatures slow the coronavirus

Nature can help you if you take all steps to fight coronavirus. Scientists believe that the virus will not stop even in summer, even if it slows down. Scientists believe Will warming spring temperatures slow the coronavirus.

New Delhi: Researchers at the US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe that coronavirus infection spreads among communities living in warmer countries less quickly than in colder countries.

Researchers found that most coronavirus infections spread from 3 to 17 degrees Celsius, while in the Mediterranean and southern hemisphere regions where the summer season is currently underway, only 6 percent of the world’s total coronavirus-infected cases Has surfaced. The average temperature here has been around 18 degree Celsius.

Scientists believe Will warming spring temperatures slow the coronavirus

Scientists believe that temperature will not end on coronavirus

New York Times: The report published in the New York Times quoted MIT researcher Kasim Bukhari as saying “Wherever the temperature was cold, these cases increased rapidly. You see this in Europe where health services are the best in the world. Qasim Bukhari is the co-author of this research by MIT. America’s Global AIDS Coordinator Dr. Deborah Berks believes that this pattern is also seen in other viruses. Four viruses that cause the common cold are also reduced every year when summer comes. Dr Berks believes that it was also seen in the 2003 SARS infection. But since it was spread late in China and South Korea, the claim that Coronavirus would follow the same route.

Two other researches have also revealed similar results. According to an estimate in Spain and Finland, the virus thrives in temperatures of -2 and -10 degrees and in a dry environment. Researchers also found that in the cities where the temperature was high and humidity, the infection was slow even before the Chinese government imposed strict restrictions.

But no research has yet been peer reviewed (research confirmed by other scientists). Dr. Bukhari believes that restrictions in movement, social distancing, test facilities and facilities of hospitals all make a difference.

But this does not mean that the policy makers start thinking about this. Dr. Bukhari cautioned, ‘We have to be careful. Even if the hot temperature hits the edge of the virus, less infection does not mean that the infection will stop. ‘

‘In summer, the coronavirus may stay low in the air, on the surfaces it may not stick, but it can still spread for hours, if not several days.’

Julio Frank, a physician working at the University of Miami, who has also been the health minister of Mexico, said that “the biggest danger is that you believe that the virus will become less dangerous at warmer temperatures and is quick to deal with it.” I hope that people should follow the instructions of experts and health workers, otherwise a big disaster will come.’

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