What is blogging actually? Answers to The Beginner’s Guide

What is blogging actually Answers to The Beginner's Guide

See, if you search related questions related to online blogging, then it is likely that you will get answers to most of those questions and they should be correct as well. But the questions that I am going to answer today are those questions which are asked often by people, but bloggers do not answer them. The only reason for this is that if a blogger looks at it from their point of view, they find those questions very simple and they feel that people can get their answers easily by searching on Google. Yes, but this is also the case when I had these questions in my mind, then I did not know any blogger who could answer me.

When we come into the world of blogging or before coming into it, we feel that there will be many scams and cons in it. So first of all I would like to clear one thing here that yes, there are such scams. But one thing is that not all are frauds and many sources will help you if you can understand their difference.

What is blogging actually?

What is blogging actually Answers to The Beginner's Guide

Blogging is not just about writing posts or articles. Blogging is something in which you express your feelings on something, deliver content to people who need them, not to people who do not need them.

Blogging does not mean to open the website, but to run that website.

To quote: Suppose you buy a car and leave it lying in the same way, neither use nor maintain it. So what is the benefit of buying a car?

What to do after installing WordPress?

Now as if you have installed WordPress and you do not know what to do next. So what you do is that you start watching some videos to customize your site and think “if my site looks good then people will like it.” But this does not happen. Apart from making your site visible, you also have to make it good according to many aspects, which include adding content, optimizing SEO, etc. And keep in mind that no one will tell you exactly what you should do.

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But under pressure to create and customize your website, you have forgotten what was the main reason for starting your blog. Now you have to think what you should write the first post. Your main reason was to confuse thoughts. To reach them. For this, you have to find the content. Gradually, you will get used to searching for content and then your interest in blogging will gradually be gone. Because you must be writing on your blog what others write on their blogs.

How to instantly earn $ 100 a month from a blog?

Before you started blogging, people had said that you can easily earn $ 100 from your blog and it will not be a big deal. But I would like to tell you that you should not listen to such things. Instantly earning $ 100 a month is a big deal. Now I am not even saying that it is impossible or you cannot do it. You can do this, but for that you should know about many things.

  • AdSense alone cannot help you.
  • Only a few good posts on your blog cannot help you.
  • Sharing your articles on social media is not the only way to gain traffic.

Now what can be the solution to these problems?

For that you have to pay attention to many things and for help, you follow our articles given below.

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How to bring your post to Google Search Results?

There is only one solution, SEO. For that you follow our articles given below.

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