What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

The importance of Blogger Gadgets is very important to make the blogger blog most prominent. Without any coding, many types of features can be added to the blog. And blogs can be made more useful for readers. What is a gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers.

In this tutorial, we will give you complete information about adding gadgets to a blogger blog. And you know what the Blogger Gadget means? And how are gadgets added to the blog?

What is a gadget? 

Blogger Gadgets are also called Widgets. The Blogger Gadget is a small code created for a particular task. What special functions are done on blogs without coding?

Coding gadgets work automatically. Users only need to add gadgets available for a specific job to the right place. In addition to adding the gadget, it immediately starts its work.

Blogger Gadgets are created by Google itself and users are able to facilitate blog development. Therefore, third-party gadgets are also made available. Gadgets are available for free. But, there are premium gadgets of some gadgets. Those who have to pay a certain fee to use.

Advantages of Adding a Gadget to a Blog

Adding a gadget to a blog is a contract deal because the shortcode does it for you. Which can spend enough time and money to spend? That’s why Blogger gadgets have various benefits. Which may be less.

The gadget saves both your money and time. That’s why you can provide readers with new and useful information with more productivity.

  • You can easily change the blog layout.
  • If you want to add any custom code (HTML, JavaScript), you can do this without any problem.
  • Easily add advertiser code and related links to your blog.
  • How to add a comment form to a blogger blog.

Step: 1

Go to Blogger.com and log into a Google account. Use to log in to your Gmail ID and password. And use the same account as the blogger you were singing on.

Step: 2

After logging in to Blogger, the Blogger Dashboard will open up to you. From here, select your blog from the blog list with the help of down arrow. This means that you want to update the Blogger blog. If you have more than one blog you only have one blog Then you can skip this step.

Step: 3

What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

You will now have the Blog Dashboard open. Click on the Layout menu from left to right.

Step: 4

What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

You will have the Blogger layout menu open to you. From here, go down a bit and go to the blog section. Where you add the gadget and click Add Gadget.

Step: 5

What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

Now you will open a list of all the gadgets available through Blogger in a new browser window. Click the + button of the gadget you want to add the gadget to. We are adding a profile gadget here.

Step: 6

What is a Gadget?  Advantages Pro-Bloggers

You will now be asked to configure the gadget. In which you type the requested information. And delete the information you do not want. Then click the button below to save. Below are configurable settings for profile gadgets. Because we’ve added the above Profile Gadgets. The settings can change according to the gadget.

Step: 7

Congratulations! You have successfully added the gadget. Check out your blog to see it. We’ve added the profile gadget on. How it looks.

What have you learned?

In this tutorial, we have provided you with complete information about linking gadgets to a blogger blog. What do you know about Blogger Gadgets? And what are the benefits of using gadgets? We hope this tutorial will be useful to you.

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