What is software and what are its types?

In today’s post, we will talk about what is software. Right now, every time a person stays in mobile, laptop, tab. All the work is done with the help of these devices only. But have you ever wondered how these devices work?

No !…..

So let me tell you that all these devices work only because of software. There is a different S/W for each job. What are the types of software? And how do they work? We will also know this further. If we talk of some time backwards from today when the computer was not so popular. We used to watch T.V. to entertain and listen to songs in the music system. But today in the smartphone itself, the music player and the MX player only listen to the movies and songs.

To talk online, use Whatsapp, fb messanger software. Important notes We write in the notebook or MS Word of the smartphone. To roam in any new place, use Google map. For designing, use photoshop and picsart. If you want to apply for a job, then submit a resume from the App of Naukri.com while sitting at home. All this is possible only and only because of SW. You just have to think about what work you want to do. SW is already made for everyone. Now you too must have been curious to know that what is software, software in Hindi language? And how does it do so many things. What type is it? So without delay let’s start.

What is software

Definition of Software:

“Software is a set of instructions or programmes instructing a computer to do specific tasks.”

What is the definition of software? They also know. Software is a set of many instructions or programmes that instruct the computer to do certain tasks.

All the work that we do in computer or smartphone has different SW for each of those tasks. For example we use Google chrome and UC browser for daily use of internet. MS Word to create documents, Photoshop to edit photos, VLC media player to play videos.

Now you tell me, what is the work through which you do it? Yes you got it right Google Chrome, Photoshop, PicsArt, UC browser. These are all SW. The operating system that exists in computer and mobile is also a program without which the computer cannot even start.

The software gives instructions to the computer to perform a task and the computer completes that task. SW is something that is not physically available. We cannot touch it. High-level programming language is used to create SW. Now many questions are coming in your mind that what are these programs or instructions, how do you use programming language. So let’s know all these facts in even more detail.

Instructions and Programmes

What is software and what are its types?

Instruction is an order that a computer program gives to a computer processor. Each instruction is made up of a sequence of 0’s and 1’s. This instruction instructs the computer to do physical work such as (addition or addition). When we want to add two numbers, the instruction saved in the memory of the computer works and shows us by adding both our numbers. In this way, save in different instruction memory for different work.

When many instructions are found together, then a program is formed. You should not have much problem in understanding that a software has different functions. Let us understand this with an example. MS Word, if you do it, then you get a lot of features in it. Like creating new file, Picture add, Heading, Resume and print it.

So MS Word is a SW which has many programmes. And each program is made up of small instruction. Suppose we have to do some work related to the photo in MS Word. For this, a program attached to the photo remains written. And the work related to the photo like making the size of the photo smaller, cropping the photo, setting the lighting of the photo. There are many different instructions written for them.

Now you must have understood the instruction and the program. So now you must know how these instructions and programs are written. Programming language is used for instruction and program writing. So let’s know what is programming language? And from this how any instruction and program is written.

Programming Language

Computer does not understand our language. The computer only understands programming language. So we use programming language to explain our thing to the computer. You must have understood that this means that we use programming language to talk to the computer.

Programming language sets of keywords, syntax, are used to write instructions using symbols aur semantics. So when we have to do some work, instructions are written by using keywords, symbols and syntax for it, which creates a program. And by creating many programmes, it becomes a software. There are a lot of programming languages ​​by which big software is used. Like JAVA, Oracle, Fox Pro, DBase, COBOL, MySQL, PHP, .NET are different programming langauge.

How to make software?

We already know what the software is. Knowledge of programming language is very important to make it. Because SW is a set of many instructions and programs. In this, codes are written as instruction for the function as per the requirement. Only programmers can do this. Those who have good knowledge of programming language.

Those who have knowledge after studying programming language, they work in software developer ie IT companies. Work together in a SW by forming a group of programmers according to the requirement of SW.

So in this way even a single programmer can make SW but it takes a lot of time. But the group of programmers do this work quickly. Companies give a fix time on which date the project has to be completed. Infosys, TCS and WIPRO are very popular among software companies making IT.

What is the type of software –

In everyday life, we use a lot of SW to do our work with a pinch. Whether it is a simple calculator or using the IRCTC App to book a ticket sitting at home. In every work, we take the help of SW only. But what are the types of these software? So let me tell you that there are 2 types of software.

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software

What is system software

What is software and what are its types?

Software with which computer works That is, without these software, the computer cannot work by itself, although SW is called system software. System software works to run computers and in addition all input and output devices. As you connect a printer to the computer, the driver has to be installed for it. Because of which the computer is able to connect with that device and also helps it to work.

Without system software, the computer cannot run itself, nor can any hardware connected to it, such as input and output devices, work. Operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8 are all operating systems. Without these, there cannot be a computer or mobile ON.

System SW is a platform through which all devices work. We can install another SW on system software such as operating system. Which we normally work on. These are also different types, so let’s know in detail.

Operating System

If the operating system is said that it is the soul of the computer then it will not be wrong. Without which computer hardware is of no use. The operating system is the means by which we can access every hardware of the computer. Or be able to instruct the hardware to work.

The operating system acts as a bridge between the user and the computer interface. Like Windows 10 is an operating system of a computer. There are many such operating systems. Android is the most popular operating system used for mobile. Famous companies that make the operating system are Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Device Drivers

I have already told you that any input / output device has to be installed to connect the driver to the computer. Drivers tell the operating system what the device is and helps identify it. Without drivers, the OS of the computer cannot support any hardware.

Language Translators

Transaltor is a computer program that translates high and low level language into machine language. These are some translators such as assambler, interpreter and compiler. Assambler translates to low level language. When the compiler translates the high level language and the interpreter translates line by line one by one. Some examples of this are C ++, Java, COBOL.

Utility Programs

Utility programs are system software that are used to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a computer. It supports computer infrastructure. They perform the task directly which gives support to the users. Examples of this are Antivirus, Memory testers, Network utilities, Screensavers, Disk checkers, Backup SW All these programs only support the computer in any way.

What is application software –

What is software and what are its types?

What is the main purpose of making computers? What was this made for? Yes, it is designed to make our work easier. Application software is the SW on which we do our work. While systems work in the software background. Because of which the application software is able to support it.

So together you should understand that the SW with which the computer works and the system running by running in the background is the system software. Whereas the SW on which we and you work is called application software.

Application SW also relies on system SW to run. The SW we use every day is also known as Apps for Mobile. It fulfills our need in a way. So let’s know what kind of applications SW are.

Word Processing Software

We use word processing software to do all the work related to the document. This type of SW is mostly used in office. Use of such SW can create any document. You can edit it to improve it. Microsoft office is the most used for word processing. Apart from this, Wordpad and Notepad are also used.

Database Software

We use such software to create and manage databases. In this, we can manage a lot of information by putting it together. In this short we are also called DBMS i.e. Database Management System. SW Fox Pro, DBase, MS-Excel, Oracle are used as DBMS.

Multimedia Software

We use a lot of multimedia SW in the computer for every day we listen to songs and watch videos. We have different multimedia players SW for different extensions. Some examples of this are Windows media player, VLC Media player, KM Player.

Presentation software

When we have to do some project related work and show it in front of others. So in this case, we use the presentation SW. In the presentation software, we create separate slides for each topic and show it to our clients. Like Microsoft Powerpoint, Keynotes are the SW used for this.

Educational Software

We use such category of software for our studies. Under this Dictionaries Encarta, Britannica Mathematic

Internet Browser

Everyday many people in the world extract information from the Internet. A web browser is called the SW or application you use to access the Internet. For every type of platform like computer and mobile, use browser. Examples of Internet browser are Google Chrome, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Designing Software

We use designing software for graphic designing and multimedia related designing. Home map, animation, machine design etc. work in it. Some examples of software that fall in such categories are such as Auto CAD, MAYA 3D, Solid Works etc.

How to buy software –

There are many ways we can buy software.

Shareware – In Shareware, the software is distributed as free or trial, in which it is allowed to be used for some time for free, after which money has to be paid for using lifetime.

Liteware – This is also a kind of shareware in which only some features are given. If you want all the features, then you have to buy the premium version of that software by paying.

Freeware – This way you can download the software for free but there is restriction in it.

Public Domain Software – Such software can be downloaded without any retriction.

Open Source – In this the source code is furnished, in which users agree that it does not limit improvements.

In short

Friends, what is the software of today, you will definitely like it. Along with this, you also got to know how to make software and what are its types. Through this post, we have tried to tell the software in Hindi language and we all know that we use countless software for our every kind of work. All these software help us to do our whole work easily.

If you find all this information helpful, then comment us and give us your feedback. So that we can bring even more good information for you. And by all means increase your information. To get updates of new information from this blog, subscribe through your email. If you want to give some suggestions, then you can give us suggestions through comments. We always welcome your idea.

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