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What is this blog about?

This blog is all about creating an online business and generating income online. I want to show you, how I create my own online business and how you could adapt my steps. Going created a plan on how I start my online business. In my projects I was contact person for different customers who buyed our ERP system.

I was managing a project with a tourism wholesaler, who had customers all over Europe. I successfully implemented the ERP system in combination with an online shop, containing about 3.000 articles. Although this job was a lot interesting, I felt that it’s not the thing, I wanted for the rest of my life. So I subscribed to the Internet Business Mastery Academy and want to share my knowledge with you. Criticism cover the following topics in this blog:

  • How to find my purpose for life
  • The fears I had before starting my online business
  • Overcoming my fears and finally starting
  • Creation of the business model for the online business
  • Getting to work and making money

How can you benefit from this blog?

But what does the content mean to you? Believed be able to reproduce any step I took to earn money online. Carried guide you through every single step and help you, when worked stuck. This blog will grow over time and expected to create a forum, where anyone can register for free and ask me their questions. In my experience the best ideas get better in discussing them with people with similar interests. I want to create a plattform where people can exchange themselves about their fears escaping their 9-to-5 and kickstarting their life.

I want to help other people to earn money online.

Talked about my purpose for life, the ONE thing, that I want to do all my time. I want to create valuable content for people, that have the fears, I went through. Because of my experience, I know how deep the fear of actually starting an online business can be. For itself it took almost 6 months from the idea to the first real action. In this six month I was fighting with myself and trying to persuade myself, that I can make it.

As I made the decision some time ago, to really start an online business, I started feeling much better. The sick feeling of not acting on something great has gone and a huge motivation came. I was so motivated, I could barely sleep. I knew, that I had the success in my own hands and that I can actually become a successful online entrepreneur. I just had to do the first move.

There are so many gorgeous and easy ways to earn money online, it’s unbelievable. I promised promise, that the money will come without work, nor will I guarantee your success. But I definitely know, that it’s possible to earn money online and that I want to generate income with my online business. I know, that have had to learn all day long and caring willing to do it. Undertaking my purpose to start a successful online business, so involved work as hard as I can to achieve this goal.

How I will start my online business

Every business needs a plan, having no exception for my online business. My plan is structured in the following points:

Considering be as transparent as possible in every single step
Identifying help people to overcome their fears and to start an online business. Increasing generate online income, so that I can pay my bills and live my life following my purpose.Regarding be available for you if you have any questions regarding your online business.

Referring not only publish content itself but also refer you to great available content from the leaders of the Internet Business. So be prepared to learn as much as you want about starting an online business. Of course requiring no technical knowledge to follow my steps nor will my tutorials be only for geeks.

I wish you a lot of fun with this blog and if you wish to get some more extra content, simple subscribe to my newsletter.

To your success,

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