How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop?

How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop?

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular and popular Instant Messaging App. Apart from Chatting, you can also make Voice Call and Video Calling.

You can use WhatsApp on mobile operating systems like Android, iPhone, Windows. But, do you know that WhatsApp can also be run in Computer Laptop?

If you also want to run WhatsApp in your computer, then you have come to the right place. Because in this tutorial, we will tell you how do you play WhatsApp on a computer?

You will need some things to run WhatsApp on the computer. Without which you can not play WhatsApp in your computer or laptop. So first we are telling you about these essential things. Whose names are given below?

1. You must have a running computer or a laptop.

2. An internet browser

3. A Smartphone that has an Active Data Pack

4. An Active WhatsApp Account which you are using in your mobile phone

5. An Active Internet Connection whereby you can run the Internet in your computer or laptop.

We assume that all the things you have said above are available in active form at this time. And you’re all set to use the WhatsApp on the computer. Which is being described below?

The Easy Way to Run WhatsApp in Computer Laptop

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web

How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop?

Firstly open web address in your computer in your computer or laptop. Then click on WHATSAPP WEB as described below. From where you will go to the website of WhatsApp’s Web Version. See screenshots below for help.

Now you will open the homepage of the WhatsApp Web. That will look like this.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp in Mobile

How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop?

Now tap on WhatsApp Messenger installed on your mobile phone and tap it.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp Web

Now you have opened the WattsApp on a mobile phone. From here, tap Tap on the 3 Dots in the top right corner and tap Settings on the WhatsApp Web. See Screenshots for help

Step 4: Scan QR Code

How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop?

As soon as you tap on the WhatsApp Web You will open the QR Scanner Open. Now scan the QR code you see in front of the computer. See Screenshots for help

Step 5: Chat

As soon as you successfully scan the QR Code from the mobile phone. Your account will be opened immediately on your computer. By which you can send chats, messages, photos, videos etc. with your friends.

What have you learned?

How to play WhatsApp in Computer Laptop? In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about running WhatsApp in Computer Laptop. If you have any problem in running WhatsApp on PC, then you must tell us through Comment. We hope this tutorial will prove useful to you.

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