WordPress SEO Made Simple – SEO Guide for Beginners

WordPress SEO Made Simple - SEO Guide

A New Blog starts to have fun. It is even more fun than when you start it for your passion and you do not have to worry about money and fame to your blog. So read topic WordPress SEO Made Simple – SEO Guide for Beginners.

If you have a blog Blog design, SEO, and many other factors, such as do not care about the things you really have to start in these conditions. But if you want to consider your career to blogging, which is like me and if you choose an as to blogging career, then it is serious work for you and cares about every single vital element related to your blog must.

WordPress Blog Basic SEO Guide

For your blog visibility to increase in the Search engines, WordPress SEO does an important factor. Here on which I am going to share some of the ways you can implement the search engine optimization on your blog. You can do it yourself. WordPress SEO Made Simple – SEO Guide for Beginners. Just go to follow the things mentioned by me.

1- WordPress Sitemap:-

The sitemap is an XML file. Which index the important link (Posts, Pages, Tags, categories) to your blog. The search engine lets WordPress Sitemap bots that index the search engine to discover how effectively the content of your blog. Many sitemap plugins in WordPress.

But I Google XML sitemap uses is a very old and reliable sitemap plugin beginning. All you have to activate and install the Google XML sitemap. Plugin After you activate go to plugin settings you can generate the sitemap for your blog.

WordPress SEO Made Simple - SEO Guide

Sitemap Once you generate by visiting the Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool after you submit and verify your blog give your sitemap submit. Sitemap Once you submit all your blogs internal pages crawl and the index will be.

2. WordPress to Control the Indexing of the blog:-

A very important factor to get a good ranking in Search engines is also. You to offer the best content to the index in the search engine.

According to Panda Updates Google makes it penalizes the domain in which the low-quality content. Like your page – Tags, Categories, author archives is not useful for the search engine index. Therefore, a quick and easy way to have these Pages No index Tag Add to pronounce. No index tag to add to Meta robots and WordPress SEO by Yoast can use the plugin.

3. WordPress Permalink:-

Permalink called URL of the blog post in simple words Such.

WordPress’s default Permalink search engine friendly is not. And it also does not contain any additional value to on-page optimization of your blog.

So you need to use Permalink search engine friendly in your WordPress blog! WordPress has brought new options as Permalink post name in its latest version. Just letting you select the Permalink of your WordPress blog. post URL of your WordPress blog on a search engine friendly URL will.

WordPress SEO Made Simple - SEO Guide for Beginners

If you are approved to a changing of any kind in your blog if you first take a backup of your WordPress blog. Backup Once you pronounce changing anything in your WordPress blog.

4. Image Alt tag and use Image Sitemap:-

I can not say for sure, but how many of the people who are using the Image to improve the presentation of your content. If you do not, you just start to add images in the blog post. If what you are want to know why should we add the images in the blog post that it has much Reason. like-

  • Images make your blog post presentation more even better.
  • Images make your content Pinnable to pin on Pinterest.
  • Adding images gives you more organic traffic than images search.
  • You can get extra traffic and free backlinks by adding your original images to Flickr.

In addition to these advantages even more. Blog or post images is best to use to add the search of these engine text content is also optimize your WordPress images. That your blog content to get a high rank. Search engine bots use the Alt tag is for any rank the images.

In WordPress, SEO Friendly Images Plugin can use. This gives an automatic ALT tag create all the images to your blog post. This is a very good plugin. You can ALT tag create according to Search engine bots to your images by using this plugin.

If you have a lot of images in the blog you can submit to her Google Webmaster tools by sitemap create a WordPress image. All your blog to do so images will index very well. I’ve used this method. This method is not only the ranking also great for search engine targeted traffic draws rather keyword my lot by it. You Smush.it plugin can use to reduce your image size.

5. Use of Unique Meta Title and Description:-

A very big SEO mistake which is very much blogger, when a blogger does not use a new blog post writing is so Unique Meta Title and Description. Catchy and Keyword rich Meta title gives you even higher CTR with better ranking.

And Unique Meta description makes a good understanding of your content. Which is about your content, what to show they know the search engines. A Unique Meta description 160 should be less than characters. Along with your Meta Description, Call To Action should be. You’ll get better CTR on the call to action in the Meta description.

WordPress SEO Made Simple - SEO Guide

Many in WordPress is a plugin that can do all these things. You for All In One SEO Plugin or WordPress SEO by Yoast can use it. If you which plugin to use both I take advice then I would advise you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast.

It’s always a good idea to use SEO to be learned by themselves. The biggest advantage is that WordPress is an SEO plugin to use WordPress to help you can SEO easily in your blog. But for this, you need to come to the proper configuration. If you are a proper configuration! It will benefit you very much for your WordPress blog.

It is a simple SEO guide was WordPress blogger and if you will have any questions related you can ask by feel free pass comment. If you enjoy this article. WordPress SEO Made Simple – SEO Guide for Beginners, it Facebook and Google Plus to definitely share.

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