WordPress or Blogger – Which Is Better?

WordPress or Blogger? If you are going to start your blog then this election is not less than any question you have asked. Blogger’s discussion or dilemma is increasing against WordPress. Know what the difference between you is and who is best for you.

WordPress or Blogger – Which Is Better?

Blogger – Blogspot

As long as I remember, it is the oldest and most popular form of blogging. Even today, it appears in many behaviors, but due to some mistakes, Blogger has turned to other platforms. This is the easiest option if you write an amateur and think without taking it forward. But if you want to move to a self-hosted blog then you may experience many technical difficulties. WordPress or Blogger – Which Is Better?

It is also known that Blogger gives you maximum domain access. In this, you cannot set your own permalink (the crucial aspects of the URL related SEO) and there is no other facility. Yes, in Blogger you can find themes and designs for your website (you can adjust yourself).

I still reject it because Google will shut itself off (the source says Google is no longer working on it) nobody knows it. There is no need for any major technical change in the past few years.

Blogger – WordPress

This is also a free option that will be preferred to you in the format of xyz.wordpress.com (if available). So far, the biggest and so-called problem was that Google searched xyz.wordpress.com more than xyz.blogspot.com (even though this problem was not with custom domains and does not matter if your content was good). But if you want to keep your custom domain name, it’s better than Blogger’s custom domain option. That’s because, if you go towards a self-hosted blog in the future, the work will not be more complicated.

The WordPress platform uses the same platform for the self-hosted domain, which offers free services (and also includes changes and updates over time). The advantage of this is that when you create a self-hosted blog there will be no change in the basic structure of your previous website and you do not have to do any additional formatting in your post.

I compare to WordPress’s other features compared to Blogger (Blogspot):

WordPress or Blogger - Which Is Better?

1.20% of websites are on WordPress (which is constantly growing)

2. About 80% of the blogs are on WordPress

3. They are constantly being updated

4. There is no technical knowledge required to operate it (if you receive more HTML / PHP / CSS)

5. Facilities and facilities for SEO

6. His online community is so big that they can consult free (free) advice on their forums if a technical problem arises.

7. The number of themes and plug-ins available for this is unlimited (from which you can create your website’s designs and features)

8. With the help of WordPress, you can create your own fully or self-hosted website, which is not available in Blogspot (blogger).

9. WordPress.com is for free services and has self-hosted blogs for wordpress.org.

If you are an unsafe blogger they sometimes only write, no one can choose. But in the future, if you want to go to the blog or go to a self-hosted service with a custom domain, then I think that there is no better option than WordPress. Now you can easily set up!

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