WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load

Hello, if you’re are doing blogging for some time. Or run a website you this will be aware that Search Engine Optimization is a factor of (SEO) is also time loading your blog or website. If you did not know would feel to know now. WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load.

Now loading your blog or website time and depend on many things. Now, what is this stuff?

Include your platform’s blog, the theme of the blog. Blog the navigation system, the content of size, adds the content media. Including images and videos and others on important factors, your web hosting. Your domain name registrar, and more.

But the media is one of the important factors of all content. That is a blog post or by images to be used in the page. So we all know that the images take too much time from the content to load. Because the images are of a size larger and if the same images High definition looks. The same time in one-to load an image. But if we have these images will have a negative impact not sure even then this SEO with your content.

So now what solution? Must be a solution so that we can reduce to keep maintain the quality of your images and loading them time. What can be done?

Yes, of course. If you are the owner of a WordPress blog you can just do this. And he can lie out in automatically simply use a plugin. Which we have today this blog post. The plugin is called WP Smush WordPress Plugin.

How to reduce WP Smush size of the WordPress Plugin Images?

WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load

So let us know that this plugin will help size to reduce the images to your blog from. This whole procedure is the step by step explained:

1.First WordPress’s official directory in WP Smush Search by this plugin to enter install your WordPress blog or website.

2. When you have installed you are able to activate the completed half of the work to improve. The time loading your blog because by are default automatic smushing on when you plug in. WP Smush plugin takes care of this matter with the turns automatically compress your images that remain quality of your images. It says smushing.

3. Now you can upload images from the page media any blog post or page or direct to WordPress. It automatically will smush the size of your images that is will reduce. This is an example we also illustrate a screenshot below.

WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load

4. If you have just WP Smush Plugin install on your blog and then on your blog before will be lots of images such that the need to reduce the size. So let’s can know how she would know.

WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load

5. Simply, you have to click on the button of Now Bulk Smush. Go to setting your WP Smush Plugin As you can see in the screenshot shown above.

WP Smush Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Load

Such WP Smush Plugin allows reduce substantially the size of images to your blog and improve the time loading your blog. Thereby directly to resemble another step towards good SEO of your blog.

If you have any questions, we need to enter through comments. Thanks for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. If persistent, please be sure to share and do not forget to subscribe.

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